Cookie Clicker – Automatic Spell Script (Ze Cooki Wizord)

How to automate the Grimoire.

What is This?

This is a mod that will automatically cast any chosen spell when at full mana.

By default it casts Force the Hand of Fate and clicks the golden cookie it spawns, see “Meta” section for mo strategy.

A must have for several achievements, most notably Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo, I’m the wiz and A wizard is you, that requires you to cast 999 spells, but it will also help you to get more golden cookies for Black Cat’s Paw (7,777 cookies required).


To install the mod put the ‘CookiWizord’ folder (unarchived) inside your mod directory:

  • …\Steam\steamapps\common\Cookie Clicker\resources\app\mods\local

Restart your game and you should be greeted by ze Wizord.

If you are a smartass and use a console, you can have this script to run it manually.

Changing Spells

By default ze Wizord will cast Force the Hand of Fate, but you can change it to a different spell by opening the main.js file with any text editor and copy pasting a different spell name from the list below.

The name has to be in quotation marks. It is not foolproof, and if you break it – it is on you.


By default, Conjure Baked Goods will bring you the most with the least effort.

But if you are here you are probably scripting and using autoclickers already, so for you Force the Hand of Fate will be exponentially better since Click Frenzy and Dragonflight are not ballanced for autoclickers, so, I assume, this is what you came here for.

The script will click all golden cookies after the spell is cast no matter the spell itself, but it is surely not a problem, right?

You can comment it out if it bothers you so much.

Is this s virus? No!

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