Cookie Clicker – Beginners Tips

Cookie Clicker Guide 1 – 0 to a Million

Firstly, you’ll start with just 0 cookies. Some easy achievements are

  • What’s in a name – Choose a name for your bakery.
  • Tabloid addiction – Click the news bar at the top of the screen 50 times.
  • Tiny cookie – Click the cookie in the stats button.
  • Olden days – Scroll down to the bottom of the Info / Updates and click the cookie in the bottom-right.
  • Here you go – Click the question mark to the left of Tabloid addiction in your achievements list.

It’s time for the big moment. Time to click the cookie.

Felt satisfying? 14 more clicks and you can buy your first cursor.

The cursor can automate your cookie production but without any upgrades, it’s practically useless. It would take you nearly 3 minutes to buy another cursor! But if you just click, it is much easier to do.

Achievements unlock milk.

Eventually, you can start buying grandmas on top of your cursors. Eventually, you can afford some upgrades for your cursors and grandmas which double their power. You can also click enough to unlock the Clickathon upgrade. You can also get another easy achievement, Just Wrong, by selling a grandma. How disgusting of you.

Eventually, you can unlock Farms, Mines and even Factories. By now, you are probably close to a million which is great! There could be a lot of times where you can’t stay and play Cookie Clicker, which is perfect because even while you’re doing other things, Cookie Clicker can be left running in the background! There’s several times where I fall asleep then wake up to billions of cookies waiting for me!

One more tip, for those who want to increase their click speed. On windows, open the control panel and access the “Ease of Access” tab. You can configure your mouse click on an alternate key on your keyboard, leaving one more option to click. It helps a lot to get the achievement “Extraordinary Clicker”.

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