Cookie Clicker – True Neverclick Achievement Guide

Quick guide to achieve the True Neverclick shadow achievement.

How to Get the True Neverclick Achievement

How to Start

You can only achieve this achievement when you start your very first new run (no legacy crap! unless you do it in “Born again” challenge mode), and you don’t click the cookie. Clicking once will ruin this achievement.

From 0 to Somewhere Above 0

Since this run is about… not clicking the big cookie (which ruins the entire point of the game (just checked and that was written on the achievement’s description)), you can’t actually gain cookies. Unless you wait patiently for a Golden Cookie to appear.

Stare at the screen and wait between 5 to 15 minutes, that’s the amount of time for a Golden Cookie to appear with no bonuses. Don’t look anywhere else, you might miss a Golden Cookie and you’ll have to wait all over again, and that’s pretty much a time waste.

If you see a Golden Cookie, click it (it won’t count as a click for some reason so it’s good). If you get “Lucky!”, you’re good, you should gain 13 cookies. If you get anything else, like a Frenzy, which might involve not gaining any cookies with 0 cookies per second, you’re not good and you have to wait it all over again.

Your goal is to buy a Cursor to click the thing for you (it doesn’t count as clicks for some reason??), so you’ll end up having to click two “Lucky!” Golden Cookies, which should take between 30 minutes and an hour in total.

Cursors and Winning!

After buying a Cursor, from this point, you shouldn’t need to rely on Golden Cookies anymore, since you now gain a cookie every ten seconds!

You’re gonna need to wait patiently and buy a new cursor whenever you can in order to speed up your cookie production. At some point, you’ll buy a grandma, a farm, etc. The game goes on.

Basically, once you buy a Cursor, you won! You overcame the hard and frustrating part of getting the achievement! You just need to continue and play the game as normal while not clicking on the Big Cookie until you reach a total of one million cookies baked. Remember that golden cookies can still be useful!

If you accidentally clicked on the Big Cookie, you’ve gotta shut down the game and hope the game hasn’t saved. Check the stats and see if “Handmade cookies” is set to 0. If it’s not, you have to redo it all over again.

You don’t need to actually have one million cookies. Once you’ve baked a total of one million cookies (see the stats), you should get both the “Neverclick” and “True Neverclick” achievements. Congratulations!

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