Core Keeper – Fishing Pull Patterns

This will have all the pulling patterns for the fishes in Core Keeper. The areas I have done are: Dirt Biome, Clay Caves.


This is a guide for the fishing pull patterns, not what the actual fish do when cooked. I might make a guide on that, but don’t count on it.

To explain: While fishing, when you reel up a fish in the minigame, they occasionally pull to try and escape, becoming red. While red, if you try to reel them in while they are red, the ‘tension’ bar (the bar that makes the line snap when it’s full) goes up drastically and you won’t make progress pulling the fish to the left. Each fish in an unique biome have a pulling pattern that is unique to that fish.

Because it’s faster, I will be using acronyms:

  • Short pull: SP
  • Long pull: LP
  • Short rest: SR
  • Long rest: LR

Also, I have timed the intervals. Short pulls and rests are roughly 0.5 seconds and long pulls/rests are 1 second.

When first reeling in, the first pulling pattern may start anywhere in between (for example, a Rockjaw has a pulling pattern of SP, SR, SP, SR, SP, LR, repeat, but when you first reel in, it may pull only two times). This is only temporary, as after the first pulling pattern, the next one will be the normal pattern.

Dirt Biome

  • Orange Cave Guppy: LP, SP, LR, repeat.
  • Blue Cave Guppy: LP, LR, LP, SR, repeat.
  • Rock Jaw: SP, SR, SP, SR, SP, LR, repeat.
  • Gem Crab: SP, SR, LP, LR, repeat.

Clay Caves

  • Yellow Blister Head: SP, SR, LP, LR, repeat.
  • Green Blister Head: SP, SR, LP, LR, repeat.
  • Devil Worm: SP, SR, repeat.
  • Vampire Eel: LP, SR, LP, SR, LP, LR, repeat.

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