CosmicBreak Universal – How to Use the Cosmos Pot Properly (Tuning Guide)

Explains the basics of how to use the Cosmos Pot properly, and what to aim for when tuning a robot. This may or may not make you a better player than me – hopefully it’s not too hard as I have shaky hands and bad aim. But considering how important building a proper bot is (and the fact that no proper guide exists in English yet), I felt this was needed.

Your Bread And Butter – The Basics Of Tuning

Your most-used tunes with be high betas and high gammas, alongside the basic life tune.

Why Is That?

Because, strictly speaking, these are the most cost-effective tunes. By using a high beta or gamma tune, you trade 2 stats you don’t need for 2 stats you do want. In the case of high tec beta, it’s trading 1 each of str and wlk for +2 tec. Easy, right? This is especially the case in builds that you don’t bother keeping your wonderbit in, as you won’t need to keep your off-stat.

As for the basic life tune, it’s because this is mathematically the most cost-effective hp tune. 10 cost, 15 hp. The Great Life tune is the LEAST cost effective tune of all basic life tunes, and should only be used when there are no other options. If you have too much capacity and not enough slots to abuse life tunes, High Life is the next best thing. Make sure to stack up on physical stones. We’ll talk about why we use LIFE tunes and not the ranger/eagle class tunes later.

Generally, the goal is to get 40 each of your main stats, but sometimes this isn’t possible due to capacity constraints, or due to locked parts and bad stats. In cases like these, you will have to either reduce an off-stat stat to 0 or make do with less than 40 of a stat.

For example, compare my Lily Rain SWM to my Cannonballer DR.

Using only high tec gamma and high run beta tunes, I got to 40 tec and 40 wlk. This is because Lily SWM’s wonderbit is a fixed performance bit, and doesn’t need balanced stats. In addition, she starts out with high fly for a LND (14), giving us ample room to tune it away.

The life tunes on Lily are likewise basic life until we get to the BSJ, which has a High Life because I ran out of usable slots.

In cannonballer DR’s case, we wanted to keep enough STR to use wonderbits. Despite how annoying it can be, this is a gimmick build, not your typical bot. As such, I used STR accessories (more on that later) and high run alpha tunes in order to keep its str up. It only has 10 fly by default, so FLY was tuned past 0 as a consequence. Change your tunes to match your build, not the other way around.

Why Speeder / Ranger / Great Tunes Are Garbage

As anyone does, you may have noticed these combination tunes in the cosmos pot.

They may look good at first glance, since it’s 2 stats at once. But don’t be fooled – they’re far too costly to ever use. The lower cost speeder tune alone is 15 cost for 1 wlk 1 fly. The higher cost one is 25 cost for 2 wlk 2 fly.

Remember the high beta/gamma tunes from earlier? Those give +2 of your desired stat at +5 cost. A Speeder tune gives 2 stats at a whopping +15 cost. The higher cost one is even worse, as 2 high run betas would give you 4 wlk at 10 cost, making the High Speeder tune 25 cost over for what it does.

But what if I need that FLY?

Worry not, there’s a work-around. And you don’t even have to pay any extra cost! It’s called… using an accessory with your off-stat.

See, I didn’t want to tune away all my Therese’s fly, unlike the Cannonballer. But Therese doesn’t have a BS slot, let alone a hand slot to provide extra stats with. This means that the only way she can get extra stats is with accessories. The Double Heart Ribbon gives +2 fly. This gives me room for 2 high run betas, effectively transforming 2 fly into 4 wlk. More effective than using a +2 wlk accessory!

Eagle/Ranger/Tank Etc.

These tunes were actually good in the old game, so I can understand if an oldtimer gets swindled. But they’re nerfed, so they’re no longer a life tune + stat.

For 15 cost, you get 8 hp and 1 stat.

Think about it.

For 15 cost, you could also get a life tune (+15 hp) and a high beta/gamma (+2 stat).

The High Beast/Eagle/Ranger Etc. are even WORSE now, since they reduce a stat in addition to costing too much capacity (and materials!) 35 cost for +20 hp and 2 of a stat.

A high life tune is 20 cost for +25 hp and another high beta/gamma gets you +2 of a stat. That’s still 10 cost under.

Sentinel tunes are even WORSE than the other combination hp/stat tunes, since High Sentinels cost 40. Don’t use them ever thanks.

Great Tunes – Why Are They Bad??

It’s +3 instead of +2, so that means it’s good right?!

30 cost. The Great betas are 20 cost. Big Yikes man. Please don’t ever consider using great tunes. I shouldn’t even have to say this, but they’re just a noob trap.

Extra Slots (Joint Parts)

Hey, so what about if I need extra slots? Have you ever thought about that, hamster?!

Maybe I need Great Tunes because I don’t have slots!

Worry not, CB player. For there are these things called… joint parts.

HDJ, AMJ, BSJ, LGJ. Using all of them on a bot gives you +5 slots. What’s better is that there are types of joint parts that can be obtained for free!

Free HDJ

For f2p HDJ’s, there’s only the scarves given out by Astralyzer in Angel Academy. Feed him Angel Boxes for a chance at them. He also gives WLK and STR handhelds, which are useful.

Free BSJ

This is the section with the most parts, since CS thinks we only play as girls or something.

Free BSJs include:

  • The ugly code BSJs given out by the Central Area NPC
  • The summer flags obtained via Summer Cube
  • The Brisgandr flags obtained via Colleti Angel Boxes
  • The Sakuya swords obtained via Luto Angel Boxes
  • The Mobius BSJs obtained via award/arena coins
  • The Princess Tassets obtained via Sylvia dispatches (Check Central Night)
  • The Brisgandr Rooks obtained via Sylvia dispatches (Check Central Night)
  • The Bats obtained via the Halloween world
  • The Ghosts obtained via the Halloween world

Free AMJ

F2P AMJs include:

  • The 10k UC spike AMJ sold in the shop
  • The Arena Coin Shine Feather AMJ
  • The Arena Coin Rise Feather AMJ
  • The Award Coin Shine Feather AMJ
  • The Award Coin Rise Feather AMJ

Free LGJ

  • Fractulus LGJ S/L (Fractulus Coin Shop)
  • Swim Ring LGJ – Summer Cubes

Extra Slots (Handhelds)

The 5 slots from joint parts not enough? Using a humanoid instead? Worry not, there are still ways to get more slots. Behold – the handheld!

Handhelds are 10 cost “weapons” that give +1 of a stat that may or may not have an attached weapon. If it does have an attached weapon, it’ll do 1 damage. They’re not mean to be attacked with at all, only to be there and provide extra slots to tune with.

There are many ways to obtain handhelds, such as the Angel Coin shop, seasonal boxes, and Angel Coin NPCs. But by far the easiest way to obtain handhelds is mission coins.

Nipako garage kits are sold for 10 mission coins each in Angel Force Base, and there’s one for each stat excluding TGH.

Note – many humanoids come with USBs instead of handhelds. It’s more cost-effective to use a USB (0 cost) instead of a handheld (10 cost) on them.

AIRS and Their Special Treatment

Hey did you hear DRIVE cartridges are back in CBUNI?

Well, not really.

But AIRs get a special privilege called “Ascending force”. What it does it let them tune WLK past 0 and still gain altitude, more than quick jump would. This means that airs can freely use High Beta tunes without worrying about their off-stats at all.

Just hold a directional key, and you’ll rise as normal. Do note that Air Loop is nerfed with 0 wlk, but Air Loop isn’t meta anymore in CBUNI anyway.

In addition, AIRs get to use a 2nd reboost (normally on the BS), meaning they effectively never need to land. Quick Boost? Float Dash? I don’t know her.

Not All Weapons Are Equal

Some weapons hit well despite not tuning much speed.

Some weapons don’t hit at all until you tune at least +30% speed.

You’ll have to test them yourself to be sure, since this game’s community is so small. But let it be known that there’s no catch-all way to tune a weapon perfectly.

Take Therese, for example. Her Ballista hits well even at sub-500 speed, so we don’t need x2 g rapid, let along high shooter. What she does need is more range, since playing LND gunner is an invitation to let others beat you up.

Lily SWM, on the other hand, isn’t so lucky. Her psyguns don’t hit much without +45% speed, so she needs the triple g rapids to work. But with +45% speed, she can hit even AIRs and bikers with relative ease, so consider it a tradeoff.

But generally, you will want to tune a combination of speed and range on your weapons.

Why not force?

Because increasing your hitrate increases your damage dealt. Increasing the speed and range of your weapons will allow you to land hits more often, instead of only increasing force. Force by itself isn’t worth much if you can’t actually hit with all that force.

Some weapons don’t need tunes

This is mostly for melee robots, but some weapons work well enough without weapon tunes, and you’d be better off just tuning stats for survivability. Take Hanna, for instance. Her pilebunker’s force was buffed a while back, so she doesn’t need grapplers or anything. Just focus on stats.

Eternal, And Why You Need It

You may have encountered something called “Eternal” in the Cosmos Pot. This tune is only available to HD and AM parts.

What it does is prevent that part from breaking, for the low price of 5 cost and 1 slot.

Now, this doesn’t mean to go around tuning Eternal on everything. Or to use High Eternal. It sucks because it’s too high cost for what it gives. We already talked about cost/benefit earlier, right?

But preventing your weapon AM from breaking, or never having your radar break sounds pretty important, doesn’t it? In cases like that, tune Eternal.

For example, the Cydron AM2 on my Red Squealer Drive. It’d be a massive shame to lose my parry/guard in a fight!

Do note that many Humanoids already can’t break their arms, so only their heads need Eternal.

The Minimum

The minimum TEC/STR required to not lose damage is 10. Any lower than that, and your weapon will do less than its stated damage. Hopefully you’re tuning more than 10 STR/TEC on your robot, but there are times where it can’t be helped.

Good weapons for bots with low TEC are machineguns, since they’re already low force but shoot a lot of bullets at once for MORE DAMAJ.

Otherwise, you’ll have to rely on your wonderbit. Dual slayers are great.

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