Cosmoteer: Starship Architect & Commander – Disable Enemy Ship

How to Disable Enemy Ship

  • Destroy the weapons, and whatever thrusters you can hit from the front.
  • Run your nose into the enemy.
  • Build as tight a cage of structure around the enemy as you can. As they have no weapons shooting you, you will not be considered ‘in combat’, and can thus freely build.
  • Build Lasers with a line of fire to the remaining thrusters.
  • Connect lasers to ship via corridors.
  • Shoot out remaining thrusters.
  • Profit!

This requires a fair bit of extra steel to build the structure and corridors, and you lose out on a LOT more coils and steel compared to just blowing out the cockpit, but you get the precious, precious processors.

It also kinda takes a lot more time.

Created by PhotriusPyrelus

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