Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – How to Get Green Trust Factor

Why Do I Need a Trust Factor?

First of all, why do I need a Green Trust Factor? You need it so more people from the community will trust you. You will trade and get friends easier and in matchmaking games you won’t find many exploiters, cheaters, etc. So now let’s get to it.

Improving The Trust Factor

  1. Use Steam Guard on Mobile
  2. Make your Profile and Inventory public.
  3. Become an active member of the Steam Community.
  4. Put up Screenshots, Discussions, Comments and also Rate up all content in Steam.
  5. Play games often without cheating, not only CSGO but all other games.
  6. Get praise (commended) by your teammates. Don’t go for Commend Bots.
  7. Stop begging for skins and avoid people reporting you.
  8. Do not kick anyone out of the game or be abusive.
  9. Do not block your teammates and do not harm your teammate in the game.
  10. Do more OVERWATCH cases and try to be accurate during verdict.
  11. Avoid having Vac Banned friends on your list.
  12. Go through Steam Discovery Queue everytime you Log in.
  13. Add more friends with good Trust Factor.
  14. Don’t Queue with Red Trust Factor Players or Hackers.
  15. Report Hackers (in-game) + (Steam profile) even if they are on you friendlist .
  16. Comment on Good and Friendly profiles.
  17. You can give Award if you like.
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