Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – How to Rank Up

How to Rank Up 

To rank up in csgo you have to work a lot for your rank but im gonna make it easy for you.

How to escape from Silver rank

The hardest thing in csgo it’s how to escape from silver, because you can’t trust your teammates to win you and the silver is the best rank for smurfs for their good replacement of crosshair so to rank up you have to train in maps aim botz (below) you have to replace your crosshair in the head and try to use crosshair from the Pros (the map below) and start to work on you mechanics ,Then when you escape from silver you go to gold nova.

How to escape from Gold Nova Ranks

when you reach Gold nova the important thing that you have to develops your aim and mechanics(aimingpeakingetc) and learn what your best weapon to play and take a role with because csgo it’s team game,everyone has role. and when you find your weapon you have to learn how to spray (the map below) and when you win more games you good to the next level to Master guardian.

How to escape From Master Guardian

When you developed your aim you think that time to just win..naaah. because the also developed their aim and the most of your time you focus on your mouse’s sensitivity and you don’t know how to use utility (smoke-grenade*etc) then that’s the best time you have to look about it (the map below for mirage) and play in the map that you like and know the places very well then you will free to go.

How to Reach global Elite

That’s maybe the hardest thing you can do in csgo because it’s the rarest rank in the game but you have to train on your aim hard and hard because the eagle ranks are like mostly have the same skills then you have to work on team play because when you should play good in front of your friends if you have to play on solo-queue you have to communicate like when you died tell them every information that could help, then when you reach legendary eagle the most important thing that you have to find all the little things that make you win the game and of-course you have to work on your mechanics because most global elite players have lots of rooms for improvement left and when you reach Supreme the process of improving your aim become slower and slower sometime you see yourself decreasing in skills but don’t worry that’s a normal thing you just should practicing more on you aim and to reach global you have to win more than you lose and soon as possible you will reach Global Elite.

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