Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – What is FPS and How Many Should You Have

What is FPS and Hz?

Players often confuse FPS (frames per second) and Hz (display frequency) and replace these concepts. Frequency (Hz) is defined as the number of cycles per second and is mainly related to the display.

Both numbers represent the frequency, but for different PC components. Simply put, FPS is the frequency at which the system, and in particular the GPU, renders frames, and Hz is the frequency at which the display reproduces these frames on the screen.

The higher the FPS, the smoother the image.

Let’s see how FPS affects graphics smoothness. We’ll start with basic concepts and move on to more advanced topics.

The video shows how FPS and Hz affect the smoothness of the graphics. At 60 FPS / Hz, the image looks choppy, as if jumping from point to point. At 240 FPS / Hz, choppy can still be seen, but much less noticeable.

In the example of the animated ball below, you can clearly see why the image becomes smoother.

High FPS = Low Catches

This is called for by the support of the system.

He talks about playing in games, often in the form of ping or a league. This is a network support that transmits information from the PC to the game server and vice versa.

АTrack systems – this is the time that goes through the action of the game (click, move the mouse) Such catches often confuse the mouse with a mouse and a shot or a change of image.

This process affects the frame rate, but does not necessarily change the system latency, since the player’s actions go through all the stages anyway.

Let’s look at this process at 60 and 240 FPS / Hz.

Changing Game Settings

The first and easiest way is to change the settings of the game itself.

Here are the following graphics settings:

Graphics settings / Option

  • Overall Shadow Quality: Low.
  • Detail of models and textures Low.
  • Effect Detail Low.
  • Multicore Processing Included.
  • Shader Detail: Low.
  • Multi-sample anti-aliasing mode no
  • Anti-aliasing with FXAA Disabled.
  • Texture filtering mode Bilinear.
  • Vertical sync Off
  • Motion Blur: Disabled This is the standard way to boost FPS in a game.

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