Crab Game – How to Get a Colored Name

How to get a colored name in game.

Getting a Colored Name in Crab Game

Note: Credit goes to Steely

I just wanted to make this guide bc colored names are fun, but they have been seen as a sign of you being a hacker, which isn’t true at all. I just wanna stopped being banned on sight lmao.

All you have to do is change your steam nickname to have a hex color code in front of it.

You can format it like this:

  • <#000000>Name

#000000 can be any color of your choice, you can get that color by just looking up color picker on google.

The name is anything that you’d like.

When you have a colored name your text in chat, your name on the player board, and your name on the win screen will all be that color.

You can also change your chat color by putting <#000000> before your message, that number being the desired color.

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