Cradle – How to Collect Flowers + Autorun


  • You can scan only the fully open flowers. They look flat and turned directly upwards, towards the sun. Not many of them are around, sometimes just a couple on a whole flowerbed, so feel free to ignore the mass of less opened gerberas.
  • When you find one, stand directly on top of it and aim at its center with your device so not to lose the sight when the flower will start closing up.
  • Self-evidently, dont run around chaotically without remembering where did you perform scans before. Start at one end of a flowerbed and methodically move to the other.

I found all the asked flowers in five minutes with this strat. Open gerberas might spawn randomly, but here are some screenshots of where mine were nonetheless.


Press “W” and “Shift” to start running forwards. Now in addition to them press “Tab” to open Steam overlay.

Voila. Your character is running on his own behind said overlay. You can aim him wherever you want, initiate autorunning, and go make some tea.

Btw this trick works in many games, not just this one. Feel free to try it around.

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