Crimsonland – How to Unlock The Perky Achievement

This is a guide to make the Perky achievement much more obtainable with as little work as possible for you.

We all know how annoying and time consuming learning Gembine can be, let alone being good enough to beat the high score to unlock the final perk, as well as the achievement tied to it. With these easy steps you should be on your way to relaxing while all the work gets done for you.

How to Unlock The Perky Achievement and Beat Gembine With Minimal Effort

Step 1: Find a very competitive friend, one that just can’t handle the thought of defeat and must always be better than you. It’s very important this friend has no idea what Crimsonland is or it might blow your cover. (If you receive a 404: Error friend not found. I’m sorry but this guide will be of no help and you will have to do this on your own.)

Step 2: Tell your very competitive friend that you just set a new high score of 53,717 in a mini game found within Crimsonland called Gembine. Make he or she aware that you spent a very long time to set that high score and that you are very proud of your achievement to get that many points. Encourage them to give the game a go to see if they can beat “your high score”.

Step 3: After a few attempts your friend should be getting the hang of how the game works, this is where the competitive magic starts to happen. Once your friend starts feeling confident in his ability to play the game well, he will make it a point to go after “your high score” to wipe you off the board and flaunt the fact he or she is better than you.

Step 4: Tell your friend you are gonna run to the store or go watch TV while they try to beat “your high score”.

Step 5: Sit back and wait until your friend comes in to brag about how he wasted you and that your score wasn’t Sh*t. That’s confirmation he took the bait and the Perky achievement is your’s with minimal effort!

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