Crossfar – Game Modes Guide

Crossfar is a futuristic eSport game set in space and played with space drones. in this guide, we go over how to play and explain the game to you.

Crossfar Game Mode

Crossfar is a team game mode, in which two teams of 5 (Blue team & Red team) compete over breaching the other team’s warp gate.

Each team also has 4 carriers and 1 mothership defending their flanks and gate.

In this game mode before the game starts each player is given 20 seconds to pick their first drone. after spawning for the first time, teams try to work through enemy defenses by destroying other teams’ carrier ships. or simply trying to sneak past them.

Every time a player’s drone is destroyed, they have to wait 10 seconds to respawn in which they can also pick a new class to ride into battle next.

The goal in this type of match is to breach the enemy gate 5 times. destroying all carriers or mothership, while might be logically required to accomplish the main objective, is technically not necessary in order to win the match.

After a gate is breached 5 times, it shuts down and enemy players can no longer get any reinforcements and you win control over the battlefield.

Created by Kavtain

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