Crossfar – The Field Bomber Guide

Field-Bomber drones are a support-DPS class in Crossfar. they are chaotic and one of the less easy-to-play classes. in this guide, we go over how-to tips for playing this role.

Field-Bomber Class Specifications

Note: Credit goes to Kavtain


  • Moderate speed.
  • Heavy ordnance.
  • High fire rate for the main weapon.
  • Medium armor


  • Quite large = not hard to hit.
  • Low main weapon damage for each shot.
  • Not good for direct combat.

Special Abilities:

  1. Bombardment: dashes forward in the direction of movement at warp speed.
  2. Mines: deploys 5 mines used to deny access to an area for enemies to pass through. these mines only detonate when in proximity to enemy drones. can also be triggered by explosives or getting shot.

Ultimate Ability:

  • FireWorks: a long-range bomb that when detonated spreads smaller explosives into a large area, each of them blowing up can deal tons of area damage in total if there are enemies packed closely in there. ( double action ability meaning can be also remotely detonated manually by the second push of the button.)

Player Traits:

  • Playing Field-Bombers requires trickery, cunning, good timing, coordination with the team, and strategizing.

Field-Bomber Role Tips and Tricks

Field-Bombers are dealers of chaos and mass destruction. they are not designed to do the fighting but to support the fighter classes in a raid with the heavy ordnance they carry.

Given their traits, they make the best pick for support DPS roles.

Combat Tips:

Field Bombers need to be supported by others when entering a danger zone. being larger than average and not as maneuverable makes them not the best fighters. but on the other hand, they can withstand a few hits. therefore when in combat you do not want to be the closest to enemies. and you should rely on your special abilities to finish enemies or cause problems for their formation.

Beng on the receiving end of Bombardment ability is quite a scary sight and makes people want to move out of the way. this ability can be used every 20 seconds.

Mines require 40 seconds to recharge. it’s important where you place them so be careful not to put mine where they could become a liability to your friendlies.

In Offensive Situations:

Your main focus as a Field-Bomber should be the larger vessels to hit whenever you get close enough for Bombardment. you would not want to be the first to get in there so work in a formation behind the fighter classes to be safe before you enter a danger zone.

In Defensive Situations:

Your class is not the most helpful in a defensive situation as far as fighting goes. but what you contribute to the defense prior to any situation is building up some minefields in open areas that can be leveraged by enemies later. denying them access to those areas will make it much harder to sneak past carriers and turrets’ fire. it’s very important to not put mine close to where your teammates will be in their defensive formations.

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