Crossfar – The Light Wings Guide

Light-Wings drones are one of the most favored classes in Crossfar. there is no other as fast and there is no other as fragile as a Light Wings. In this guide we go over class specs and how to play this role in the game.

Light-Wings Class Specifications


  • Fastest drones in the game.
  • Smallest drones = smaller target to hit.
  • High fire rate for the main weapon.
  • High maneuverability.
  • Very low cooldown on special abilities.


  • Very weak armor.
  • Low main weapon damage for each shot.

Special Sbilities:

  1. B-link: dashes forward in the direction of movement at warp speed.
  2. EMP: disables all controls on nearby enemies within a radius.

Ultimate Ability:

  • Spread-Chokes: turns your main weapon into a shotgun, lowers your fire rate, and fires multiple projectiles at once on a spread pattern.

Player Traits:

  • Playing Light-Wings requires high alertness, lightning-fast reactions, determination, and cool-headedness.

Light-Wings Role Tips and Tricks

Light-wings drones are specificly designed for recon, infiltration, stealth, and sabotage.

Given their traits, they make the best pick for support DPS roles.

Combat Tips:

Light-wings rely on speed and special abilities. being small and nimble and highly maneuverable makes them extremely hard to hit. but on the other hand, getting hit once or twice means elimination to them. therefore when in combat you do not want to stay still and rapidly changing direction is advised.

Both your special abilities are made to make things easier for you in a fight. you can perform a B-link every 10 seconds and every 15 seconds you can perform EMP.

EMP requires being very close to your target/ targets for good effect. therefore preserving B-link for use in tandem with EMP can be a smart choice sometimes. just to get you within range to hit them with your EMP.

In Offensive Situations:

Your main role in any offense team fight scenario depends on whether the gate is exposed or whether there are enemy carriers still in play.

If the enemy gate is exposed you have the highest chance of making it through enemy players to the gate so you might want to engage last.

But if the carriers are in your way. you might rather try and intercept defending players with EMP or distraction so your teammates can take a longer turn damaging enemy carriers each time they have the opportunity. also if the defending team is holding a good formation you have the highest chance of finding an opening and creating chaos in their plans.

In Defensive Situations:

In a defensive scenario, you are the second line. anything that gets past the fighter classes you are to intercept. you must always look for the highest threat rather than engaging in direct combat. for you might not get enough time to use your abilities twice in a quick raid on your gate or carriers.

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