Cruelty Squad – Basic Mechanic Explanatory Guide

This short guide explain basics of game mechanics.

Basic Mechanic Explanation

Alerted enemies will instantly react upon line of sight (Chance they will not to do AI pathing “jank”).

Once a enemy spots you there is about a 1 second timer before they become alerted.

Breaking line of sight before the timer ends will not prevent the enemy from getting alerted.

Alerted enemies can never become unalerted.

Making noise will cause the enemies to reposition but they can never become alerted from noise alone.

Leaning does not expose yourself.

Some weapons do not go off center when leaning.

Some enemies require armor piercing weapons.

Remaining in toxic waters wont reapply or extend the toxic damage.

Cruelty Squad Headquarters boss has too much HP. Unwinnable even if you had infinite health.

You need to 1shot the boss with the ZKZ transactional rifle or use the snoozfest gun with Bolt ACR or ammo gland.

Cruelty Squad Headquarters has a secret wall you can pass when your resolution is 640 that will allow you to cure the effects of the cursed torch.

Beating mall madness makes stocks go up forever.Beating apartment atrocity makes them go back to normal. Beating mall madness again will have no effect. Make sure to invest and go AFK here

Your save file is easily hackable so you can give yourself unlimited money. I do recommend you hack it.

Trauma Loop has 1 enemy that never respawns called limit chancellor.I highly recommend you focus on killing them then immediately leaving and replaying with implants.

Ammo gland and life sensor.

This level is reliant on not giving the player enough ammo required to kill everything and having enemies blend into the dark blue floor “invisible enemies”.

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