Crypt – How to Survive

An in-depth guide on how to survive the Crypt.

Guide to Survive

Before You Enter the Crypt

  1. Make sure to check “Can Win the Game” and change your sensitivity and FOV to your preferred settings.
  2. If you want to get the “Crypt Master” achievement for Nightmare Mode check “The Greggening”. This makes it so that there will be 10 Gregs instead of just one.

Wall Tricking 101 and Walking Diagonally

Whether you are suffering through the Greggening or playing normally, wall tricks and crab walking are essential to your survival.

To perform a wall trick just walk into a wall and then walk alongside it away from the initial point of contact with the wall. For some reason it screws up Greg’s pathfinding so he will just walk to where you initially walked into the wall and stay there until you stop touching the wall.

Walking diagonally is exactly what it sounds like. Just press w+d or w+a and it will double your walking/running speed. Very important if you wish to outrun Greg.


Once you spawn in pick up the key and check the pots inside of the spawn room before you exit. Though I have never personally experienced finding a tome in one of the spawn room pots its better to be safe rather then sorry.

Make your way to the stone room and check the pot beside the pillar to the right of the “Hold shift to Sprint” sign.

From here you can go to the stone room first or the lever room first it doesn’t matter, though I would recommend doing the maze last.

When you have reached the stone room check all of the pots for a Tome. Once you are done checking Solve the puzzle. The combination is:

  • 3
  • 2
  • 3

Once the door has opened do NOT pick up the Key. Spawning Greg before you are done preparing will increase your chances of meeting an early grave.

From the stone room head to the lever room.

The configuration from when you enter the lever room is


But personally I didn’t memorise it and instead I just did a checker-board pattern.

After completing the puzzle if you haven’t found a Tome yet walk across the bridges and check the pillars for any Tomes. There may also be a Tome in the far right corner of the platform where the key at the end of the bridges is but once again do NOT pick up the Keys.

If you haven’t found any Tomes in the spawn, lobby, stone and lever room I would recommend double checking.

Head over to the mazes. If you haven’t found a Tome yet go to the top maze and check the two far corners. If you have found a Tom somewhere in the prior rooms you can head to the middle of bottom mazes and completely ignore the top one.

From what I have found a Tome spawn is guaranteed in the middle and bottom mazes.

In the middle maze what I do is follow the left wall until you reach the only big room in the maze with multiple hallways connected to it. I like to call this room the Hub room. In the hub room check the dead end hallway farthest from you for a Tome. If its not there continue to follow the left wall from where you were. Check the two dead ends which you will find on your way. After reaching the start of the big U Make a right turn and head straight checking any dead ends you come across until you reach the other big room with only one connected hallway. By now you should have found a Tome and can now head for the exit.

When you reach the exit of the middle maze head back into it this time following the right wall. Continue following the right wall until you find the crack in the wall containing the Key. This should be the only Key you pick up before you are prepared to face Greg as it is the most out of the way and is located inside of the mazes.

For the bottom maze just follow the right wall until you find a Tome.

Its Cryptin’ Time

At this point you should have…

  • All 3 Tomes.
  • 1 Key.
  • Easy access to the rest of the Keys.

If so you are ready to summon Greg.

Personally once I am done preparing I like to go to the lever room first. It has 2 Keys so you can provoke Greg and locate him quickly before he can wander off and it has a lot of room to perform wall tricks and shimmy away from Greg(s). I always pick up the Key at the end of the bridges first and then drop down and pick up the one on the floor. From there do a wall trick, then walk around the wall to reach the stairs. If you are playing in Nightmare mode I would recommend setting up a wall trick here and then counting and waiting for all the Gregs to congregate so they don’t surround and kill you. 1 big cluster of Gregs is easier to deal with then 10 independant Gregs.

After escaping the lever room head to the stone room and pick up the key. I would recommend doing another wall trick to stay safe but you could just run back to the lobby right after picking it up.

Now that you have all 4 keys you must put them in the locks located in the lobby room. Though its not confirmed to have an effect on the game just to be safe I always put the Keys in combination.

The combination from left to right is 3,1,2,4.

Now, here comes the hard part. Head back to the stone room. If you get lucky you will see there is another new room behind the Key pedestal. Place the Tomes on the 3 pedestals and then exit the Crypt! If you are not so lucky head to the lever room. You’ll have to walk across the bridges again and you might find your exit room at the far left side of the platform. If you once again find yourself staring at a wall you’ll have to head to the mazes. This is where hell truly begins, especially if you’re stuck there with 10 Gregs. Once again ignore the upper floor and usually I head to the middle floor.

In the middle floor the two possible exits (which I know of) are located in the big U so you’ll need to head there. If you still find no exit and are somehow not dead yet find a way to the bottom floor. Follow the left or right wall around the entire maze until you find the exit. Or die.


If you managed to not die, Good job!

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