Cult of the Lamb – How to Kill Followers

How to Kill Followers

Sometimes you have to make tough calls as the leader of a cult, and sometimes you may just really not like a certain cult Follower. Whether you want to harvest them in the dead of night, make them an example of how you deal with dissidents, or throw them under the ritual bus to score points with your other Followers, you’ll have several different ways to make them go away:

  • Sacrifice A Follower – Early on in your adventures, The One Who Waits Below will offer you a ritual to perform. This Sacrifice of the Flesh will allow you to pick one of your Followers to be sacrifice to the god below, and use his body as a font of power to unlock more of your powers when a daily sermon doesn’t cut it. The only downside is your overall Faith will take a hit, and it has a lengthy cooldown (until you can reduce Ritual cooldowns using Divine Inspiration).
  • Ascend a Follower – Similar to the sacrificial Ritual, you can choose between two Doctrines for the first Law and Order tier. One of these is the ability to ascend a Follower to the heavens above. It’s a much nicer display than the sacrifice, earning more Faith and Loyalty from those that witness the event.
  • Murder a Follower – If you aren’t big on acts of kindness, that same doctrine will allow you to pick the ability to murder instead of ascending Followers. With this option, you’ll be able to do the dirty deed yourself, and silence dissidents before they can spread discord through your ranks – or maybe you just want to harvest their body for bones and follower meat. You’ll lose a lot of faith if people see you do this action, so be sure to lure the Follower away from the others during the night to perform the deed out of sight.
  • Fight to the Death – Another doctrine you can unlock in the Law and Order tree is the Ritualistic Fight Pit. Unlike sacrificing, your Followers love to see some good ol fight club stuff, and you’ll have the say in whether or not the loser of the fight lives or dies. The only downside to this is that you can’t exactly choose which of the two cultists will be victorious.
  • Suicide Missions – It’s not as surefire as the other methods, but once you unlock the Missionary building, you can always try sending them off on a mission with a low chance of success, and hope they are mortally wounded in their quest.
  • Make them Eat Poop – Sometimes, the best thing a follower can give you is a few valuables they’ve been hoarding – and their body. This is a strange tactic for sure, but once you have acquired some Fertilizer, Grass, and Follower Meat, you can instruct someone to eat the Deadly Dish. It has a very high chance of being fatal, and will also always make them drop a bunch of gold and resources – perfect for when you need just a bit more valuables to build that next item.
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