Cult of the Lamb – How to Obtain All Tarot Cards

This guide will show you how to obtain all Tarot Cards for the ‘Full Deck’ achievement, including where/how to get them and strategies to do so.


First and foremost, this guide will contain unmarked spoilers, so proceed at your own risk.

What are Tarot Cards?

Tarot Cards are temporary buffs and boons found on Crusades, and last for the duration of the Crusade they are received on. They can be found randomly in chests or from Clauneck, where you will be given an choice of two cards and can pick one to use.

Tarot cards’ effects can stack, however, you cannot obtain the same card more than once per Crusade.

‘Shiny’ and ‘Rainbow’ Tarot Cards

Very rarely, you will find a ‘shiny’ or ‘rainbow’ tarot card; these are more powerful versions of the base card. Not all tarot cards have a chance to be ‘shiny’ or ‘rainbow’, and obtaining one is random.

‘Shiny’ cards have a glossy/white effect and are indicated by a green name and a + next to the card’s name. They are the second-strongest version of a card (ie. if you found Ambrosia as a ‘shiny’ card, it would increase damage by 1.5x rather than 1.25x.)

‘Rainbow’ cards have a rainbow/holographic effect and are indicated by a purple name and ++ next to the card’s name. They are the strongest version of a card (ie. if you found Ambrosia as a ‘rainbow’ card, it would increase damage by 1.75x rather than 1.25x.)

Unlocking Tarot Cards

At the start of the game, you will only have 15/36 tarot cards unlocked. Unlocked cards are part of the pool of cards that show up on Crusades – this means that if you never unlock a card, you will never draw it from chests/Claunek while Crusading. Most cards can be unlocked by purchasing them for coins or beating NPCs at Knucklebones, though there are a few cards that are unlocked through specific events.

Cards Unlocked by Default

These 15 cards are available at the start of the game.

  • The Hearts I – Gives half a red heart container
  • The Lovers I – Gives one blue heart
  • True Sight – Gain a 10% chance of dealing a crit when dealing damage (20% with +)
  • Telescrope – Allows you to see the contents and rooms on the map
  • Diseased Heart – Gives a diseased heart, which deals damage to everything on screen when hit
  • The Arachnid – Deal poison damage to enemies when attacking
  • Divine Strength – Increases your attack rate by 1.25x (1.5x with +, 2x with ++)
  • Master of the Art – Weapon damage is increased by 1.2x (1.5x with +, 1.75 with ++)
  • Fervour’s Harvest – Enemies drop 2x more Fervor (3x with +) when defeated
  • Shield of Faith – When damaged, have a 10% chance of negating damage (20% with +)
  • Divine Curse – Curses to consume 25% less Fervor (50% with +, 75% with ++)
  • Fortune’s Blessing – Curses to consume 25% less Fervor (50% with +, 75% with ++)
  • Death’s Door – When hit down to half a heart, all enemies will be dealt 2 damage (3 with +, 10 with ++)
  • Rabbit’s Foot – Increases the chance to spawn better chests
  • Gift From Below – Have a 10% chance of receiving a blue heart upon killing an enemy (20% with +)

Cards Unlocked by Buying from Vendors

There are 12 cards which you can purchase from vendors in the overworld areas. The available cards and how to unlock access to these areas is detailed below.

Pilgrim’s Passage

To unlock Pilgrim’s Passage, you must meet the Fisherman while Crusading in Darkwood.

To unlock the tarot card and blueprint vendors, enter the lighthouse in the bottom left and talk to the axolotl inside. Then, interact with the furnace at the back with 10 lumber to reignite the lighthouse. You’ll need to travel to your cult and back to Pilgrim’s Passage to make the vendors appear.

Purchase at Pilgrim’s Path for 25 coins.

  • Nature’s Boon – Receive bonus resources when harvesting
  • All Seeing Sun – Makes you immune to poison
  • Hands of Rage – Automatically fires a projectile when you attack with a 10s cooldown (5s with +)

Spore Grotto

To unlock Spore Grotto, you must meet a group of Mushroom cultists while Crusading in Anura.

The tarot card and blueprint vendors do not have to be unlocked.

Purchase at Spore Grotto for 25-35 coins.

  • Weeping Moon – Deal 30% more damage during the night
  • The Path – Increases your movement speed by 1.25x (1.5x with +, 2x with ++)
  • Blazing Trail – Rolling into an enemy will damage them

Smuggler’s Sanctuary

To unlock Smuggler’s Sanctuary, you must meet Plimbo while Crusading in Anchordeep.

The tarot card and blueprint vendors do not have to be unlocked.

Purchase at Smuggler’s Sanctuary for 40-50 coins.

  • The Bomb – Automatically drop a bomb when you roll with a 10s cooldown (5s with +)
  • Ichor Lingered – Automatically drop black ichor when you roll with a 10s cooldown (5s with +)
  • Soul Snatcher – When killing an enemy, have a 10% chance of healing (20% with +)

Midas’s Cave

To unlock Midas’s Cave, you must find a clearing with a golden signpost while Crusading in the Silk Cradle.

The tarot card and blueprint vendors do not have to be unlocked.

Purchase in Midas’ Cave for 5-10 gold bars.

  • The Burning Dead – Dead enemy bodies explode, damaging other enemies
  • Ichor Earned – Drop black ichor when damaged
  • The Deal – When killed, resurrect with 1 red heart

Cards Unlocked Through Knucklebones

There are 4 cards which you can earn by defeating opponents at Knucklebones. You can play Knucklebones at the Lonely Shack, which unlocks after completing Ratau’s tutorials at the start of the game.

Once you’ve beaten Ratau at Knucklebones for the first time, you’ll be able to encounter three new Knucklebones opponents (Flinky, Klunko and Bop, and Shurmy) while Crusading in Anura, Anchordeep, and the Silk Cradle, respectively.

You can only face an opponent by defeating all characters before them. This means you have to face Ratau, Flinky, Klunko and Bop, and Shurmy, in that order.

  • The Hearts II – Gives a red heart container / Defeat Ratau in a game of Knucklebones at the Lonely Shack
  • Mithridatism – Makes you immune to poison / Defeat Flinky in a game of Knucklebones at the Lonely Shack
  • Strength from Without – When hit, you gain 5 Fervour / Defeat Klunko and Bop in a game of Knucklebones at the Lonely Shack
  • Strength from Within – Fervour slowly replenishes over time, with a 2.5 second cooldown (1.5. with +) / Defeat Shurmy in a game of Knucklebones at the Lonely Shack

Cards Unlocked in Unique Ways

There are 5 cards which are obtained in unique ways. Each of these cards are detailed below.

Ambrosia – Buy from Forneus

Forneus is a cat merchant who can be found on Crusades by visiting the Shop node with a cat symbol underneath. She offers four items; one of them is the Ambrosia tarot card for 50 gold.

Buy from Forneus for 50 coins at a Shop node while Crusading.

  • Ambrosia – Increases the damage dealt by your curses by 1.25x (1.5x if +, 1.75 if++)

Fervour’s Host – Gift from Helob

Helob is a spider merchant who sells followers for coin. He can be found on Crusades by visiting a Shop node with a follower symbol underneath.

After purchasing 5 followers from Helob while Crusading, you need to meet him at his shop while Crusading. There, he will give you the Fervour’s Host tarot card as a gift for being a loyal customer.

Given to you by Shelob after buying 5 followers from him. Must be encountered in a dungeon to obtain card.

  • Fervour’s Host – Your Fervour will replenish fully when entering a new room with enemies

The Hearts III – Buy from Ratoo

Ratoo (no, not Ratau) is a rat who is searching for his heart. He can be found on Crusades by visiting a Heart node, where you can both heal back to full health and purchase the Hearts III tarot card for 100 coin.

Buy from Ratoo for 100 coins at a Heart node while Crusading.

  • The Hearts III – Increases your max health by 2 hearts for the duration of the run

The Lovers II – Perform a Marriage or Fight Pit Ritual

Both these rituals are unlocked by reaching enacting your second Law & Order doctrine. For the Marriage ritual, simply marry a follower to receive the tarot card as a bonus. For the Fight Pit ritual, you must spare the loser of the fight to receive the tarot card.

Perform either the Marriage or Fight Pit ritual.

  • The Lovers II – Gives 2 blue hearts

Neptune’s Curse – Gift from the Fisherman after Catching 1 Fish

The Fisherman is a fish who…fishes. He can be found at Pilgrim’s Passage on the lower right, standing near the water. You can play a fishing minigame there, and once you catch your first fish, he’ll give you the Neptune’s Curse tarot card as a show of good will.

You unlock acess to Pilgrim’s Passage by finding The Fisherman randomly while Crusading in Darkwood.

Gift from the Fisherman after catching 1 fish.

  • Neptune’s Curse – Enemies have a chance of dropping fish items upon death
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