Cultist Simulator – How to Get Rich

How to Get Filthy Rich, Whenever You Need, Risk Free

Note: Credit goes to marbeltoast

A simple little method to grant yourself as much money as you need, risk free, without breaking any laws.

Glover and Glover, Over and Over

Spoilers: This guide will not hold back on explaining large chunks of the game. If you aren’t cool with that, stop now.

First things first, you’re going to need at least 2 reason. I would advise getting more, maybe 3 or 4, but 2 is the baseline. Also, you’re going to need to not be playing the Exile route. Yeah, no real way to generate loads of money on that.

Get yourself a job with Glover and Glover by playing a reason card into the work verb. Work that job. Apply yourself with a reason card, and you’ll get promoted. Once you are promoted, you’ll come up against the infamous Mr. Alden. Mr Alden likes things done just so.

And that’s exactly what you’re going to do. Over and over. For ages.

See, many, many players know that an assassin can be sent to Alden’s house in the dark of the night to have him mysteriously vanish. Some others know that similar results can be achieved with a summon or follower that has grail instead of edge. However, there is another way…


Yeah, dude retires after a while. Just straight up leaves the job and puts you in as his replacement, assuming you’ve always done your work that way he wants you to.

It can take a while, but it will always happen eventually. You don’t need to worry about money in the meantime, because even if Alden checks your work every single time, you’re still earning 1 money every 3 minutes.

Boring though it is, this method is foolproof and pairs well with the time consuming “talk to meet new cultists” and the equally time consuming “read to boost your stats” methods, while also not actually requiring you to have even started a cult yet. You can use “dream” to fix your dread and fascination, or explore the woods for some secret histories lore to unlock some early expedition sites, while using “explore” to check out books from oriflame’s auction house, for all the various benefits that provides.

Middle Management’s Long Holidays

Once you have Alden’s job, the fun begins. You’ll need to spend 1 reason to start the job, and you’ll be given the option to spend a passion to commit to the boring life (but let’s face it, you didn’t play cultist simulator to lead a boring life, did you?) but once you do, you’ll get 3 money every 70 seconds.

The bad news is, the next rank requires you to kill the guy who works above you.

The good news is, the next rank is for suckers.

The trick here is to simply work the job you’ve got for as long as you feel like and then stop, and leave the card to expire. Once the timer runs out, the card becomes “A trouble at work”, which you can revert back to the card for the job you had at first by pleading for your job back at the cost of 1 passion.

You have effectively gained a card that can be easily turned on and off, generating a large amount of money while you work it, and creating no problem cards, putting you in no danger, or risking itself in any way while it’s off.

So, work for as long as you need to drum up a healthy pool of money, then take a long vacay until the next time you need some moolah. Best of all, you can do all of this with just the work verb, and you never even need to found a cult.

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