Cuphead – Complete Charm Guide

Have you ever wondered what a charm exactly does? Well look no further, this guide will show you all the charms and what they do exactly!


So what are charms?

Charms are items which make your character behave differently in different ways, some are better suited for some encounters than others too.

For example, imagine a charm which makes your weapons do more damage, at a cost of slightly less speed.

Note that isn’t a real charm.

There are 6 charms in-game to buy, most of them costing 3 coins to buy and use.

Now let’s begin this guide, shall we?

Heart Charm

The Heart Icon

The Heart charm raises your character’s health by +1, you will however do less damage to bosses/enemies though, a trade-off for sure.

This charm is recommended if you want to live a little bit longer in the long run with slightly less damage being dealt.

Not recommended for A or S rankings.

Coffee Charm

The Coffee Icon

The Coffee charm’s ability is to slowly restores your super meter over time. This practically means you can do EX Special moves without the need to parry, although any A or S rankers still needs to parry 3 times.

This charm is recommended for Boss Encounters or Run and Gun levels if they’re long, short levels will only restore a couple cards in total. This charm also has no negative modifiers.

Smoke Bomb Charm

Smoke Bomb Icon

The Smoke Bomb charm is a very useful defence typed charm that you’ll most likely need sometimes in your adventures.

While equiped, dashing will make your character invisible and basically immortal until the dash is complete. This will allow you to even dash through enemies without taking damage.

This is recommended for all boss encounters, as the properties of this charm are great for both Beginners and Experts alike.

Not to be used in Air typed battles.

P. Sugar Charm

P. Sugar Icon

Although seeming like a waste at first, sometimes this charm is useful.
The P. Sugar Charm’s main ability is to allow automatic parrying of pink objects.

When equiped, jumping into the air will cause the character to do the parry move until reaching ground or parrying. This is useful for people who don’t quite grasp the parry move.

This is however once per jump, so after a auto parry, you’ll need to parry manually for the duration of that jump.

This is recommended for people who don’t know how to parry quite right yet, not very useful for people who can parry good.

Not to be used in Air typed battles.

Twin Hearts Charm

Twin Hearts Icon

This charm is a upgraded version of the Heart charm covered earlier in this guide.

It basically doubles the power of the Heart charm, now you get 2+ health, but your damage output is lowered more.

This is recommended for pacifist runs on Run and Gun levels, as the 2+ HP is useful.

Not recommended for A or S rankings.

Whetstone Charm

Whetstone Icon

The Whetstone charm adds a additional damage outcome if you parry, making parrys do damage too.

When parrying, instead of your hand, your hand will be replaced by a axe and if you hit a enemy with the axe, it’ll deal damage.

This is recommended if you jump a lot and close to the boss too! Requires you to parry to use.

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