Cuphead – Complete Weapon Guide

This guide will help you find the right weapon for the right boss fight! Includes pictures of weapon in action, along with the EX move too!

Just a couple notes

Weapons (or shots) cost 4 coins each, meaning you’ll have to pay 20 coins to have every weapon in the game (not counting the free peashooter weapon you start with), this guide will however NOT show locations of coins.

Air type stages can only have darts or bombs to attack. You unlock bombs after talking to the plane guy in Inkwell Isle 2.

I’ll also explain every EX move in the game, and every Special EX move because why not?

Also all ground battles will fight Goopy on Regular difficulty, with all air battles will fight Hilda on Simple difficulty, there will be no second weapons, Charms or Special EXs for these battles.

Testing Special EXs will be done in Goopy, with a Peashooter weapon.

And without further a do, let’s begin this guide!

The Peashooter

Standard issue weapon. Long range with average damage.” – Peashooter Tool-Tip

The Peashooter is a basic weapon you’ll start out with at the beginning of the game.

As suggested by the Tool-Tip, it shoots a long distance and deals normal damage. It’ll shoot in the direction where your character is pointing to.

Cuphead Shooting

It’s EX move is the Mega Blast, after clapping, you send a huge blue shot, dealing big damage to anything caught within it.

Goopy getting hit by the Mega Blast

It’s recommended for battles that require long range weapons that are able to shoot straight and fast, example would be Ribby and Croaks.

The Spread Shot

Short range with great damage – if you can keep close to your target” – Spread Tool-Tip

The Spread Shot is a short-ranged type weapon which does lots of damage.

As suggested by the Tool-Tip, it does great damage with the drawback of short range, meaning that you’ll have to be closer to the enemy to deal damage than any other weapon, meaning you could take damage more easily.

Cuphead shooting in 5 directions.

It’s EX move is the Eight Way, after clapping, you send 8 pointy projectiles in the 8 directions, these 8 EX shots can deal damage, wonder what would happen if you EXed at a boss’s face?

Note how it shoots out in 8 directions?

It’s recommended for battles that’ll make you get near the boss a lot, example would be the Onion from the Root Pack.

The Chaser

Long range with below-average damage. No aiming required.” – Chaser Tool-Tip

The Chaser is a long-ranged, never miss kind of weapon.

As suggested by the Tool-Tip, it has long range with a little less damage than the peashooter. The thing is however, the shots actually chases your enemies down, hence “No aiming required.“.

Cuphead is aiming up and still hitting the boss? Neat.

It’s EX move is the Chaos Orbit, after clapping, a ring of chaser shots will appear and surround you, protecting against some attacks and hurting bosses that dare come near. Only a limited amount is allowed to spin around you at once though.

Chaos Orbit in action.

It’s recommended for battles that you’ll miss a lot on, example would be some of Baroness Von Bon Bon’s random phases, such as Muffin Man.

The Lobber

]Medium range and good damage with a slow rate of fire.” – Lobber Tool-Tip

The Lobber is a physics based weapon with medium-range coverage.

As suggested by the Tool-Tip, it’s a medium-ranged weapon, can also be close-range. It has a decent amount of damage on it, but it’s slower rate of fire is kinda bad…
…it also bounces like a ball, no, I’m not kidding here!

Cuphead showing how physics work in the tutorial*

It’s EX move is the Kablooey, after clapping, a bigger version of the Lobber ball apears, and it does more damage too and acts the same as the Lobber ball.

A big lobber ball.

It’s recommended for battles that you’re going to be up higher than the boss on, example would be Grim Matchstick’s second phase.

*I was too lazy to do it in Goopy’s room, ok? Also there’s no elevation there too, you get the point.

The Charge Shot

Hold attack to increase damage. No rapid fire, so precision is key.” – Charge Tool-Tip

The Charge is a powerful, long-ranged weapon.

As suggested by the Tool-Tip, you can hold down the attack button (see your controls kids) to charge the shot, after fully charging, it shoots a shot that’s really powerful! The bad thing here is no rapid fire, meaning you have to be careful not to miss. It’s a long ranged weapon even though it doesen’t say it is.

If you’re good at aiming, you can enter phase two in 7 charged shots!

It’s EX move is the Radial Barrage, after clapping, you make a small explosion in front of you. Those unlucky enough to be within it will receive MASSIVE damage!

That must’ve hurt!

It’s recommended for battles that you won’t likely miss on (such as Cagney), also for killing bosses quickly and easily.

The Roundabout

Great coverage with average damage. Aim backward for maximum range.” – Roundabout Tool-Tip

The Roundabout is a great weapon for long range shooting!

As suggested by the Tool-Tip, it’s basically like a Peashooter… except with one small change. It’ll act like a boomerang; after a while of spinning through the air, it’ll go backwards instead! This means if you aim away from the boss, you can still hit them! Nice!

Me with the boomerang bois.

It’s EX move is the Radial Barrage, after clapping, a spiky sphere appears and roams the room for a second before disappearing. it deals damage to all enemies it touches, effectively hurting everything on screen.

A giant blue nyan sphere, which kills things. Awesome!

It’s recommended for battles that you’ll be turning a lot on, such as the Potato on the Root Pack battle.

Take to The Skies

Welcome to battling in the skys young one, this section is based ENTIRELY on air combat.

There’s 2 different types of attacks to take note of:

-Darts: Darts do average damage and shoot forward, like a Peashooter. When shrinked, you’re range will be much smaller and you do less damage. It’s EX move is to shoot a missile forward, damaging anything that get’s in it’s way.

A barrage of darts

A big missile that does lots of damage

-Bombs: Bombs do more damage than Darts, however it’s affected like the Lobber, meaning it has physics! It’s rate of fire is also slower. When shrinked, you won’t even do anything! So being big is priority. It’s EX move summons a Spread shot worth of mini magnets packs (5 directions, 1-2 in each direction) which follows the boss around.

A bomb that does more damage but is affected by gravity.

A giant row of… magnets? Just accept it, ok?

The Special EX Moves

These are some of the most powerful moves in gaming! These will require all 5 of your Super Meter cards, but if you don’t want them, they can be omitted too.

Super Art I: Energy Beam

A devastating attack spills from your head. Horizontal only (ground or air).” – Super Art I Tool-Tip

Indeed it is devastating to see. A giant beam of energy comes from your head, dealing massive damage to those poor enough to venture within it’s grasp. Despite what it says on the tool-tip, you cannot perform this in air battles, only on the ground or mid-air on ground battles.

Goopy will remember that.

Super Art II: Invincibility

\Cross the astral plane to become invulnerable for a short tine.” – Super Art II Tool-Tip

This isn’t a attack really, but it’s a Super Art, so here goes nothing.
This will make the character turn into a big head, laugh, and turn back to normal and be invincible! You stay invincible for a short while before turning back to normal again. A great defence maneuver indeed.

Me inside Goopy while invincible!

Super Art III: Giant Ghost

Manuver your spirit and body simultaneously for maximum damage.” – Super Art II Tool-Tip

This Super EX move makes your spirit come out of your body, turning it into a strong, giant ghost. He’ll spin around the arena for a while, causing damage to anything that touches him (not that kind of way), he’ll than turn into a heart, which does nothing but being able to parry it for a card. Very strong, although quite hard to keep.

What a strong ghost!

Plane Super Art: Bomb Morph

This Super Art has no tool-tip, ok, now it has.” – Me

*This Super EX move is exclusive to Air battles only* Turn into a bomb and blow up the enemy just by flying into them! It deals massive damage too! If you hit anything, you’ll explode though, so watch out for projectiles that may explode you at a distance from the boss. Also there’s no other Air Super Arts.

]Oh no, Hilda is going to have a hard time!

And that;s all the Super Arts in Cuphead!

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