Cute Bite – Ultimate Guide (Endings, Romance, Classes, Achievements and More)

Guide that covers (nearly) everything Cute Bite.

Creating Your Character

First thing you do is make three choices that shape your character in various ways. Right off the bat, it gives you stat increases. It also determines how you will get along with your teachers, your personal servant/mother/companion (henceforth known as the Butler) and how you will react to various events.

First choice involves your social outlook:

  • “Liked to get along with others”
  • Sensitivity+10, Etiquette+10, Grace+10
  • Urban Exploration class dislike.
  • If also choosing “keeping up with new developments”, Ballroom Dance class dislike.
  • Romance with Urban Exploration teacher blocked.
  • If also choosing “keeping up with new developments”, romance with Ballroom Dance teacher blocked.
  • “Liked to stand out from the crowd”
  • Mischief+10, Dominance+10, Style+10
  • Estate Management class dislike.
  • If also choosing “cleverness”, Exercise class dislike.

Second choice concerns your outlook on the times:

  • “History and tradition”
  • Classical Arts+10, History+10, Occult+10
  • Computer Use class dislike.
  • If also choosing “physical strength”, Psychology class dislike.
  • Computer Use teacher romance blocked.
  • “Keeping up with new developments”
  • Pop Culture+10, Technology+10, Science+10
  • Art History class dislike.
  • If also choosing “liked to get along with others”, Ballroom Dance class dislike.
  • Lore teacher romance blocked.
  • If also choosing “liked to get along with others”, Ballroom Dance teacher romance blocked.

Third choice decides your approach to conflict:

  • “Physical strength”
  • Strength+10, Fighting+10, Endurance+5
  • Debate class dislike.
  • If also choosing “history and tradition”, Psychology class dislike.
  • If Fighting becomes > 50, Horticulture teacher romance blocked.
  • “Cleverness”
  • Awareness+10, Insight+10, Temperance+5
  • Martial Arts class dislike.
  • If also choosing “liked to stand out from the crowd”, Exercise class dislike.


You have two stats that track your stress, Mind and Body. To increase their maximum, you must increase Temperance and Endurance respectively. There are a large number of options to recoup temporary losses.

The simplest way to replenish Mind and Body is doing the Rest action. This will restore a bit, but is also likely to reduce one of your stats by 1.

Running out of either Mind or Body, you are allowed to choose to feed on the Butler. Doing so will shave 3 days off the forced end of the game.


The first thing you need to do in the game is to choose two classes to attend. Classes will always increase stats, but come at a price in gold and stress. Doing a class enough times will increase its level, showing you a short skit and raising the price of the class going forward, both in gold and stress.

All gold costs are per day, and there are 7 days in a work week. This means you should reserve enough gold to pay for 7 lessons, plus some extra gold in case the class levels up during the week, thus raising the price.

Doing a class enough times will eventually end the class. If trying to romance a class teacher, you must complete the necessary steps for the romance before the class ends. Romances may also be blocked off by your choices during character creation.

You will dislike certain classes depending on your character creation choices. If you initiate or level up a class you dislike, you will increase resentment towards the Butler, making it harder to eventually become an adult at the end of the game.

There’s a very specific achievement that involves classes, biting your teacher. If your Mind or Body is at 0 when you take a class, you may feed on your teacher. This can only be done in certain classes, as follows:

  • Art History, Ballroom Dance, Computer Use, Estate Management (voluntary feeding), Exercise, Urban Exploration.

Feeding on your teacher will cancel classes for the rest of the week.

Initially, you can choose between six classes, another six will open up on week 6 of the game.

The classes are as follows:

  • Computer Use: +Technology, Mischief, Pop Culture, Business, Law
  • Level 1: 12 gold, Level 2: 20 gold, Level 3: 30 gold, Level 4: 60 gold
  • Romanceable
  • Ballroom Dance: +Style, Grace, Etiquette, Classical Arts, Sensitivity
  • Level 1: 22 gold, Level 2: 33 gold, Level 3: 49 gold, Level 4: 85 gold
  • Romanceable
  • Exercise: +Strength, Endurance, Science, Grace
  • Level 1: 15 gold, Level 2: 22 gold, Level 3: 33 gold, Level 4: 60 gold
  • Horse Riding: +Dominance, Grace, Awareness, Sensitivity, Endurance
  • Level 1: 20 gold, Level 2: 30 gold, Level 3: 45 gold, Level 4: 78 gold
  • Art History: +Classical Arts, Pop Culture, Style, History, Business
  • Level 1: 20 gold, Level 2: 30 gold, Level 3: 45 gold, Level 4: 78 gold
  • Debate: +Insight, Law, Temperance, Etiquette
  • Level 1: 18 gold, Level 2: 27 gold, Level 3: 40 gold, Level 4: 70 gold
  • Martial Arts: +Fighting, Strength, Endurance, Temperance
  • Level 1: 18 gold, Level 2: 27 gold, Level 3: 40 gold, Level 4: 70 gold
  • Estate Management: +Law, Business, Technology, Awareness, History
  • Level 1: 20 gold, Level 2: 30 gold, Level 3: 45 gold, Level 4: 78 gold
  • Psychology: +Sensitivity, Insight, Dominance, Science, Temperance
  • Level 1: 20 gold, Level 2: 30 gold, Level 3: 45 gold, Level 4: 78 gold
  • Lore: +History, Occult, Law, Science
  • Level 1: 15 gold, Level 2: 22, Level 3: 33 gold, Level 4: 60 gold
  • Romanceable
  • Urban Exploration: +Mischief, Grace, Insight, Awareness
  • Level 1: 25 gold, Level 2: 37 gold, Level 3: 55 gold, Level 4: 96 gold
  • Romanceable
  • Horticulture: +Science, Style, Etiquette, Classical Arts
  • Level 1: 15 gold, Level 2: 22 gold, Level 3: 33 gold, Level 4: 60 gold
  • Romanceable


In order to earn gold so you can pay for your classes, you should do jobs. While jobs are not the only way to earn gold, they will also increase or decrease stats, helping you towards specific endings.

Jobs earn a small amount of gold per day. This can be increased once by repeatedly succeeding at the same job. Some jobs earn a variable amount of gold, depending on your stats. If your stats are too low, you may fail at the job, earning nothing, but your stats can still increase, so you will eventually start earning money if you stick with the same job.

All jobs cost stress, so you have to carefully watch that you don’t run out of Mind or Body, unless you want to snack on the Butler (see Stress).

Initially, 6 jobs are unlocked. You can find another 9 jobs through various activities. These will be listed below. Unlocking all jobs in a single playthrough grants an achievement.

  • Hotel Reception: 8/12 gold
  • +Etiquette, Temperance, Strength
  • -Dominance, Fighting
  • Library Shelver: 4/6 gold
  • +Endurance, Awareness, Law, Occult, Business, History
  • Coat Check: 5/7 gold
  • +Style, Awareness, Pop Culture
  • -Grace
  • Store Stocker: 6/9 gold
  • +Strength, Endurance, Technology
  • -Sensitivity
  • Animal Shelter: 6/9 gold
  • +Sensitivity, Dominance, Science
  • -Temperance, Style
  • Night Baker: 7/10 gold
  • +Insight, Grace, Endurance
  • -Technology, Style
  • IT Helpdesk: 10/15 gold
  • +Technology, Temperance, Etiquette
  • -Strength
  • To unlock, level up Computer Use class once, then wait for the Butler to open the job.
  • Accounting: 9/13 gold
  • +Awareness, Temperance, Business
  • -Grace, Insight
  • To unlock, level up Estate Management once, then wait for the Butler to open the job.
  • Filing Clerk: 12/17 gold
  • +Awareness, Insight, Law, Mischief
  • To unlock, Law > 50, then wait for the Butler to open the job.
  • Psychic: 12/17 gold
  • +Sensitivity, Occult, Dominance
  • -Awareness, Endurance
  • To unlock, Lore class once, then wait for the Butler to open the job.
  • Fact Checker: 12/17 gold
  • +Awareness, Technology, History
  • To unlock, History > 50, then wait for the Butler to open the job.
  • Security: 16/21 gold
  • +Strength, Mischief, Awareness, Fighting, Technology
  • To unlock, level up Martial Arts class once, then wait for the Butler to open the job.
  • Child Model: 20/25 gold
  • +Style, Grace, Pop Culture, Endurance
  • To unlock, Style > 50, then wait for the Butler to open the job.
  • Antiques Trader: random gold, more with high stats
  • +Classical Arts, Business, Insight
  • To unlock, level up Art History once, then wait for the Butler to open the job.
  • Content Creator: random gold, more with high stats
  • +Style, Science, Pop Culture
  • -Sensitivity
  • To unlock, Technology > 30, Pop Culture > 30, and take the Computer Use class at least once.


At the end of every week, you can engage in an activity. These most often offer the chance to get gold, or feed to get Mind and Body restored. Initially, you will only have few options, but more can be unlocked throughout the game, as described below.


The store always offers the same stock. You can multiple items during one visit.

  • Popsicle: 10 gold. +5 Mind and Body
  • Flask: 99 gold. +10 Science
  • Candle: 99 gold. +10 Occult
  • Pouch: 99 gold. +10 Business
  • Globe: 99 gold. +10 History
  • Rulebook: 99 gold. +10 Law


You enter the Hunting mini game, in which you can attempt to feed on various women throughout the city. There are 7 areas, which each house a number of possible victims and random events.

Finding a victim, you will enter a fight, where you can choose between 6 different approaches, 3 physical and 3 mental. Each victim will have a corresponding stat and may resist you. The loser of each round of a fight will lose a random amount of Mind or Body. If you are reduced to 0, you limp home; if the victim is reduced to 0, you feed, regaining Mind and Body and earning some gold.

Successfully hunting unlocks an achievement.

  • Bar: Bunny Girl, Cook, Drunk Woman, Fake ID (Bite: +Technology, Don’t: +Law)
  • Nightclub: Bunny Girl, Club Dancer, Rocker, Pouch (Take it: +gold, Don’t: +Sensitivity)
  • Kebab Shop: Cashier, Cook, Delinquent, Fast Food (Bite it: +Pop Culture, Don’t: +Classical Arts)
  • Cinema: Cashier, Club Dancer, Delinquent, Hat (Bite it: +Style, Don’t: +Etiquette)
  • Hospital: Doctor, Little Old Lady, Nurse, Blood Bag (Bite it: +Mind and Body, Don’t: +Science)
  • Apartments: Delinquent, Doctor, Little Old Lady, Toy Ball (Bite it: +Science, Don’t: +Mischief)
  • Diner: Cook, Nurse, Rocker, Rulebook (Bite it: +Occult and History, Don’t: +Business)

After feeding on victims several times, the Hunter will start to show up. She is a very high stat opponent, who is the gatekeeper of two unique endings (see Endings).


To unlock burglaries, you must level up the Urban Exploration class once, then wait for the conversation with the Butler.

During a burglary mini game, you will first scope out your target. High Awareness may reveal whether there’s a guard dog inside. Different targets can be expected to have different kinds of defense, loot and worth.

Each night, Alertness level starts at 0. Scoping another target raises Alertness by 1. Breaking into a building requires one or more skill checks, these will increase Alertness by various amounts.

If you manage to enter the building before Alertness reaches 10, you can search for different valuables. Each search raises Alertness by 1. As soon as Alertness reaches 10, you return home. Committing a burglary and stealing something unlocks an achievement.

Targets for burglaries, with the most likely valuable loot, listed in approximate order of worth, include:

  • Humble-looking dwelling: Electronics, Tools (not worth the effort)
  • Store: Money, Documents, Tools
  • Average family home: Treasure, Electronics, Collectibles
  • Large, well-kept family home: Money, Treasure, Art, Electronics, Documents
  • Fancy, historic-looking home: Treasure, Art, Technology, Collectibles
  • Warehouse: Art, Electronics
  • Office building: Money, Documents and Electronics
  • Mansion: Treasure, Art, Electronics, Documents, Collectibles

Attend Ball

In order to attend balls, you must take the Ballroom Dance class at least once and have Etiquette > 50.

At a ball, you have 10 actions before you have to leave. Initially, you are presented with three possible targets. Each has a skill check associated with them. Failing at a skill check, you can try again or look for new targets. Succeeding, you will feed on them for a small amount of Mind and Body. After feeding, you can look for a new target or have a conversation that will earn you a few skill points relevant to the target.

Successfully feeding on a victim unlocks an achievement.

  • Ballerina: Grace
  • Conspiracy Theorist: Occult
  • Debutante: Style
  • Dreamer: Insight
  • Executive: Business
  • Fashionista: Style
  • Fencer: Fighting
  • Folklorist: Occult
  • Gossip: Awareness
  • Historian: History
  • Host: Insight
  • Inventor: Technology
  • Lawyer: Law
  • Lonely Heart: Sensitivity
  • Matriarch: Dominance
  • Politician: Law
  • Pop Singer: Pop Culture
  • Professor: Science
  • Violinist: Classical Arts
  • Wallflower: Awareness


In order to unlock Movies, you need Pop Culture > 50.

At the movies, you can additionally unlock Arcade Games, if you take enough Computer Use classes to have the conversation about gaming. Arcade games can increase or decrease your Mind. Losing an arcade game unlocks an achievement.

You can pick pockets for a small amount if cash if you succeed.

If you buy a ticket or sneak inside, you can watch a movie from among the following genres:

  • Superhero: +Fighting, Pop Culture
  • Heist: +Mischief, Pop Culture
  • Historical Romance: +Etiquette, Pop Culture
  • Psychological Thriller: +Insight, Pop Culture
  • Historical Drama: +Law, Pop Culture
  • Historical Documentary: +History, Pop Culture
  • Slasher: +Stress
  • Horror: +Occult, Pop Culture
  • Nature Documentary: +Science, Pop Culture
  • Comedy: -Stress
  • Romance: +Sensitivity, Pop Culture
  • Science Fiction: + Technology, Pop Culture

Arm Wrestling

Once you have Strength > 50, and have a chat with the Butler about it, you can engage in arm wrestling competitions. These are simple skill checks, where you can bet 10, 25 or 50 gold that you’ll win. There’s a high degree of randomness in the result. Unlocks an achievement.


Unlocked by taking a Lore class after the New Year, if you have leveled the Lore class at least once. Doing divination unlocks an achievement.

Divination costs 15 gold, raises Occult and tells you the following information:

  • Are your stats high enough to finish the game as an adult?
  • What ending based on stats will you get?
  • Do you have a romance ready to trigger?

If you are able to become an adult, and have passed the Spring Equinox, you get the option to end the game early, getting the ending and romance you qualified for.


Raising Science > 50 and Occult > 10 unlocks Alchemy after a talk with the Butler. This activity is used to sell certain stats with a minimum value of 50 to gain 100 gold. While this is useful to gain gold, it is even more useful to manipulate your stats to qualify for various endings.

Not all stats can be manipulated through alchemy. These 16 stats are the only ones than can be sold:

  • Awareness
  • Insight
  • Dominance
  • Sensitivity
  • Strength
  • Grace
  • Style
  • Fighting
  • Technology
  • Etiquette
  • Mischief
  • History
  • Classical Arts
  • Pop Culture
  • Business
  • Law

Selling one of your skills grants you an achievement.


There are 21 main endings, 18 of which are stat based and 3 that require specific actions. All endings have unique achievements.

Getting a stat based ending requires two things: Having one stat > 150 + a modifier for Butler resentment and having two specific stats be higher than any other combination of ending specific stats. Getting any of these endings will give an additional achievement for becoming an adult.

Butler resentment is a hidden stat that primarily is raised by taking classes that you dislike and choosing dialogue options that go against your nature. It’s not easy to track, but you can usually tell by the narrative when it goes up. Every time you get mad at the Butler, resentment has probably risen. The effect of resentment is usually within the 10-50 point range, so you should generally be safe if one of your stats is > 200. The Divination activity will tell you if your stat is high enough to become an adult, and thus reach a stat based ending. Graphically, it is represented by the size of the Rebellion icon.

Most endings have small variants based on what your highest stat is, these are outside of the scope of this guide. Hanako has listed them in the discussion forum.

All 18 stat based endings have variations for each romance, appended to the ending.

The stat based endings are as follows:

  • Nightclub: Business + Pop Culture
  • Medicine: Business + Science
  • Underworld Boss: Dominance + Mischief
  • Education: History + Classical Arts
  • Fame: Etiquette + Pop Culture
  • Fortune: Business + Insight
  • Politician: History + Law
  • Adventurer: Fighting + Strength
  • Vampire Disciple: Occult + History
  • Vampire Queen: Occult + Dominance
  • Fashion Designer: Style + Awareness
  • Hacker: Technology + Mischief
  • Vamp: Grace + Etiquette
  • Pacifist: Temperance + Endurance
  • Idealist: Sensitivity + Awareness
  • Artist: Classical Arts + Pop Culture
  • Farmer: Sensitivity + Science

The last stat based ending is the Withdrawal or Stay at Home ending. In order to get this, you must qualify for becoming an adult, by having a high enough stat (150+butler resentment), but also have less than 220 points of any combination of stats that could give an ending (listed above).

Finally, there are the three special endings.

First we have Away with the Fairies. In order to get this ending, you must defeat the Hunter while you’re going Hunting, then follow the Hunter to their place of origin. You’ll automatically do this if you resent the Butler enough. If you resent the Butler very little or not at all, you refuse to go. If you’re somewhere in between, you can choose whether to go or not.

The second special ending, The Hunter’s Prey, you’ll get if you are defeated by the Hunter while going hunting.

The third special ending, A Death in Service, is obtained by not having a high enough stat to become an adult. If you have no stat > 150, this ending is guaranteed.


There are 6 women to romance in the game. Since you are a child vampire, you will only complete a romance by successfully becoming an adult, but you have to set up the romance before then.

5 of your romance options are class teachers, and you need to finish the romance requirements by taking their classes and having required conversations, but doing it before their classes end (see Classes). The sixth romance is the Butler, who is romanced outside her classes. Each romance has an achievement.

It is possible to complete multiple romances in a single game. This will earn you the Harem achievement.

Computer teacher:

You must choose “keeping up with new developments” during character creation, or this romance will be locked out.

You cannot do the Child Model job more than 16 times before completing the romance requirements, or the romance will fail. You’ll know you failed if you get a conversation with the computer use teacher about being a child model.

In order to successfully complete the romance requirements, you must have Science > 60 and Technology > 175 to trigger all necessary conversations.

Ballroom Dance teacher:

You must NOT choose both “liked to get along with others” and “keeping up with new developments” during character creation, or there will be no romance.

In order to finish the romance requirements, you need Grace > 125 and Dominance > 75 to trigger all necessary conversations. You must also attend balls and successfully feed at least four times to trigger one of the required conversations.

Horticulture teacher:

If you choose “physical strength” during character creation, you must NOT raise Fighting > 50, or the romance will fail.

You need Science > 175 and Sensitivity > 75 in order to trigger all necessary conversations for the romance.

Lore teacher:

You must pick “history and tradition” during character creation in order to see this romance.

To progress with this romance, you just also take Art History classes. You need to pay attention to the conversations, to tell you when you need to go back and forth. One of the Art History conversations requires Occult > 50.

The final romance conversation requires Occult > 200.

Urban Exploration teacher:

You must choose “liked to stand out from the crowd” during character creation, or the romance will be locked out.

Stat requirements for all romance conversations are Mischief > 200 and Law > 50. You will also need to commit at least one burglary.


Romancing your Butler is a bit different from the other romances. You have to choose the correct responses during a few initial conversations, then trigger a number of other stat based conversations.

Be on the look out for the following dialogue options, which must be chosen:

  • “I am your companion”
  • “You were disobedient”
  • “You stole from him”
  • “A person”
  • “Her affections”

Next, you need to trigger the following conversations: Insight > 50 to learn how the Master died. Sensitivity > 75 and Insight > 75 to learn about the Butler’s affections. Finally, Insight > 150 to learn who killed the Master.


Playing with your food
Go hunting and defeat a victim (see Activities – Hunting).

Masked Challenger
Win at arm wrestling (see Activities – Arm Wrestling).

They’ll rot your brain
Lose an arcade game at the movies (see Activities – Movies).

Steal something of value during a burglary (see Activities – Burglary).

Bit a Teacher
Have Mind or Body at 0 during certain classes (see Classes).

Prince Charming
Attend a ball and successfully feed (see Activities – Attend Ball).

Seeing the Future
Use divination (see Activities – Divination).

Equivalent Exchange
Use alchemy (see Activities – Alchemy).

Butler romance
See Butler Romance.

Vasilisa Romance
See Lore teacher Romance.

Akari Romance
See Ballroom Dance teacher Romance.

Adelia Romance
See Urban Exploration teacher Romance.

Dimitria Romance
See Horiculture teacher Romance.

Rosalie Romance
See Computer Use teacher Romance.

Harem Ending
Complete more than one romance in a single game (see Romance).

Reach a stat based ending (see Endings).

Defeated the Hunter
Win over the Hunter when going hunting.

The Hunter’s Prey
Lose to the Hunter when going hunting (see Endings).

Away with the Fairies
See Endings.

A Death in Service
Fail to become an adult (see Endings).

Suspicious Circumstances
Find out who killed the Master (see Butler Romance).

See Endings.

See Endings.

Underworld Boss
See Endings.

See Endings.

See Endings.

See Endings.

See Endings.

See Endings.

Vampire Disciple
See Endings.

Vampire Queen
See Endings.

Fashion Designer
See Endings.

See Endings.

See Endings.

See Endings.

See Endings.

See Endings.

See Endings.

See Endings.

Complete all Endings.

Jack of All Trades
Unlock all jobs in a single playthrough (see Jobs).

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