Cyberpunk 2077 – 15 Pro Tips You Need to Know

15 Pro Tips for Cyberpunk 2077

Note: Credit goes to Geralt Of Rivia

15 – Don’t Power Through The Main Quest

This is because players will reach the point of no return in Cyberpunk 2077 pretty quickly, leaving many side quests hanging around. With this in mind, it’s better to pace the main story and take some breaks to complete the many important side quests that directly impact the game’s ending.

14 – Be Wary While Distributing Skill Points

Skill Points makes permanent changes to V’s build. Suffice it to say, players need to be smart about distributing these points, since a mistake can’t be undone outside of restoring an old save, which is a pretty cumbersome process indeed.

13 – Hack As Many Access Points As Possible

To ensure that players get as much money as possible, a great course of action to take is to seek out the many access points in the game. With the appropriate skills, players can hack these points to get as much money as possible.

12 – Contagion Is One Of The Best Quickhacks

Seems pretty weak early on but is actually quite powerful if used properly.

11- Don’t Stress Too Much Over V’s Lifepath

Streetkid who got stuck in a bad gig, a Nomad in the Night City outskirts, or a Corpo who endures a serious fall from grace.

Lifepaths affect a minor part of the game intro, give V access to certain unique lines of dialogue, and allow players to interact with a unique quest or two. That’s about it.

10 – Complete All Mid-Game Quests Before The Ending

Endings and the options players will have available will largely depend on how many questlines they’ve finished by the time they go and speak to Hanako at Embers. Some of these quest lines are key for the endgame, such as completing all of Johnny Silverhand’s quests and helping out Panam and the Aldecaldos.

Rushing to the end too fast will leave V without any friends willing to help her face off against the final threat, and also reduce their options. Players should go through as many side quests as possible, and they should especially make sure they have a high affinity with Johnny Silverhand.

9 – Consumables Are A Merc’s Best Friend

These can be great for health regeneration in a pinch. On top of that, there are other consumables that boost certain stats for a limited time, which are a bit more valuable and worth seeking out.

8 – Don’t Ignore Crafting

Crafting might seem like a trivial task in Cyberpunk 2077, but there are many benefits to making unique weapons. In fact, some guns can only be crafted, and players will first need to find and unlock the blueprints for them.

7 – Be Mindful Of Area And Mission Difficulties

The best starting area is Watson, which encompasses the areas around V’s apartment, as well as Northside, ruled over by the Maelstrom gang. From there, players can move to Westbrook.

6 – Pick Up Everything

There are a lot of doors that money can open in the city, but it is hard to come by. An easy way to keep earning extra eddies throughout the game is by looking around and picking up everything. There isn’t a stealing mechanic in the game.

5 – Don’t Get Overencumbured

When V gets over-encumbered, they start losing speed and stamina. To avoid this, players can regularly sell off their loot at drop points and kiosks.

They can also stash some stuff in the trunk of their car, once they manage to buy one. There is also a marking system, so if there’s a good piece of loot that players don’t want to miss they can mark it on their map.

4 – Run! Jump! Fly!

The upgrade system in the game depends on what players do. The more players perform an action, the more perk progression points they get. So, running and jumping and climbing around the city gives a lot of points towards the athletics perks, which offer some very valuable bonuses.

Similarly, if players want to specialize in a weapon type, use that weapon as much as possible. Or if players want stealth bonuses, they should try their best to sneak everywhere. Doing whatever players want to boost is the best way to get perks for it, and the perks are pretty strong.

3 – Have A Diverse Skillset

While the progression system rewards specialization, a degree of diversity is important. The game is full of skill checks and it won’t hurt to have a few extra skills to complement one’s playstyle.

Putting points into Tech is especially important, as a higher Tech level can give players a lot more options. Similarly, investing in Body will open up a lot of new avenues.

2 – Mod Everything

Yes, absolutely everything can be modded. Weapons, in particular, have a variety of fantastic mod options. Some can even turn the best weapons non-lethal, which will liven up V’s non-lethal run considerably.

If that wasn’t enough, clothing and armor can get mods too! And as players get more street cred and move to newer areas, they will get more mods, and more items, with ever more possibilities for modding. So mod away, Samurai.

1 – Visit Ripperdocs Frequently

Ripperdocs are the people who will mod V’s body. And every Ripperdoc has some unique inventory that will help players out a lot in their quest. Now, these mods are expensive, but the upgrades they offer are definitely worth it. There are huge flashy upgrades that will bump up the player’s DPS, like the mantis blades from the teaser.

But there are also less subtle upgrades that can help with other aspects of the game, like OS or RAM upgrades to help with hacking. There is a lot of cyberware to choose from, so choose whatever fits the player’s playstyle the best.

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