Cyberpunk 2077 – Crafting Components / Dismantling Gear

Is it worth dismantling or is it better to sell it? Lets break down the costs of the crafting components and upgrade components that you will get for dismantling versus the sale price of the item to see what gets you the maximum reward.

TL;DR – What Should I Sell?

In short and without a why, almost everything. If anything is selling for more than 200 eddies (Eurodollars), throw it right into the sell pile if you don’t want the item. I would suggest not selling Iconic Items, as they cannot be replaced.

Different types of gear have different minimums to sell at, perks come into play for what amount of components you’ll receive as well, and you should check the entire guide for the different values but here is a TL;DR short list with no perks:

Sell all items where the sell price is greater than the prices below.

Item TypeCommonUncommonRareEpicLegendary
Guns & Melee424872108164
Drugs (Not Food)8143874130

Junk, never disassemble. Very few items in the junk category beat out the sale price. Food, you can’t disassemble anymore and can only drop the item.

For quick selling of items, set your sorting filter at the store to Price↑ and it will put the lowest price items at the top. Common items are generally the only items that don’t beat the minimum sale price early in the game and by level 20+ you’ll almost never find items selling for less than the minimum.

Guide Introduction

This guide is for Cyberpunk 2077 v1.52+ barring any changes made by CD Projekt Red in future patches.

The dismantling of gear is not very straight forward as to what is best, and information online seemed in short supply. This guide will show the cost of individual components from vendors, the perks involved in dismantling, compare the cost of the components from vendors versus the components acquired from dismantling items, and help you maximize your game by showing when you should sell an item instead of dismantling.

The quick and dirty TL;DR is above if you want a quick checklist.

Lets break down the Perks first and see which, if any, are worth picking up.

Perk: Mechanic

  • Perk: Mechanic
  • Attribute: Technical Ability – 1
  • Levels of Perk: 1
  • Effects: Gain more components when disassembling items.
  • What it actually does: Gain ~25% more Common Components and 1 additional Uncommon Component.

This Perk doesn’t really tell you how many components or types of components you’ll actually get and leaves it up to you to figure out. It doesn’t increase anything beyond Common or Uncommon and only gives a handful extra of the components.

In my opinion, this perk may be useful in the very beginning of the game when item sell prices are low and you end up getting more components than you would Eddies. I’d suggest not picking it up until it is buffed or reworked in a future patch.


Perk: Workshop

  • Perk: Workshop
  • Attribute: Technical Ability 7
  • Levels of Perk: 3
  • Effects: Disassembling items grants 20/40/60% chance to get a free component of the same quality and a 5/10/15% chance to get an additional free component of a higher quality than the item disassembled.

This perk is very straight forward in the description, and you can’t miss anything from it. It’s most profitable form would be to disassemble Epic quality items for a chance to receive legendary components for free.

My opinion, even if this perk had 100% chance for a free component and a 100% chance to get an additional higher quality free component it would not be worth it. My opinion on this is based on the math for disassembling versus selling.


Perk: Scrapper

  • Perk: Scrapper
  • Attribute: Technical Ability 5
  • Levels of Perk: 1
  • Effects: Junk items are disassembled automatically
  • Additional Effect: Undocumented change for 1.5 – No longer auto-disassembles expensive junk

The perk is very straight forward and breaks down junk items, and as of 1.5 they stopped breaking the really expensive stuff but where the cut off is for the amount of eddies I don’t know.

My opinion, junk items gives a single component of their quality when scrapped and very few junk items are less than or equal to the price of a single component. Most are more expensive. Additionally 95% of the junk in the game is of the common variety unless you’re buying the legendary SAMURAI records from the stores (which you can’t even play). This perk or junk items themselves need a rework.


Maximize Profits and Components – Selling Items

Based on the information on the perks above, you can see that all three perks are essentially useless. Only Mechanic has any useful points to it and that is only early in the game.

What do we sell then? Everything that isn’t nailed down if it sells for more than what the item would give you in components.

The current prices for components are as follows:

Common Comp.Uncommon Comp.Rare Comp.Epic Comp.Legendary Comp.Rare UpgradeEpic UpgradeLegendary Upgrade
Store Prices46121828121828

Now breaking out the spreadsheet I got the amount of components via disassembly times the cost of those components to get the minimum item worth. (I’ll put a link to the google sheets at the bottom if you want to check that math).

If the item is worth X in components but sells for greater than X, then you should sell the item immediately. Otherwise break it down. Now I started a fresh save and worked my way through to see how it went, and what I found is that once you leave the first area of Watson and arrive in Westbrook you generally never find any items worth less than the components. The only time it was worth less was a few packs of enemies in the Japantown section.

Now lets break down the minimums, and we’ll use the TL;DR table and add the mechanic perk to it to show the difference in cost and give a general break down. It will be as follows:

Base Price (Mechanic Price)

Item TypeCommonUncommonRareEpicLegendary
Guns & Melee42(60)48(72)72(96)108(132)164(188)
Drugs (Not Food)8(12)14(18)38(42)74(78)130(134)

You can see here that the price of components for an epic weapon is 108(132), and any epic item worth more than that should be sold if you aren’t going to use it.

Maximize Profits and Components – Buying Components

Once you’ve sold all of your items and emptied your inventory, how are you to acquire the components you need to craft.

There are two stores that sell crafting and upgrade components, and those are Drug Stores and Gun Stores. Oddly enough, Melee vendors don’t sell any components but they do sell crafting recipes.

There are only a finite amount of components sold at one time at each vendor, and you should find a location that has both next to each other so you can hop from one to the other to buy what you need.

All store stocks are refilled every twenty four (24) hours. Purchase up all the components you need and then exit the stores and use your WAIT command in the main menu to pass 24 hours. Once your timer ends, go back in and purchase all your components again.

A small note to new players, part of the story makes you feel a sense of urgency like you’re on a timer to get certain tasks finished or something might happen… there is no actual in game timer to complete events. Don’t think by waiting 24 hours over and over you’re putting yourself in harms way, it is only there to build suspense. Feel free to build up your stocks and craft to your hearts content.

Bonus Perk: Waste Not Want Not

  • Perk: Waste Not Want Not
  • Attribute: Technical Ability 16
  • Levels of Perk: 1
  • Effects: When you disassemble an item, you get attached mods back.

This perk can be super useful, but has a high attribute requirement. Luckily this perk is quite useful at end game over early game.

My Opinion… I listed this perk even though it doesn’t give components it directly changes the results of dismantling. If you want a specific mod that is on an item you can disassemble the item directly for it, and its up to you if the cost of the item and the mod is worth it. The problem with figuring out the cost benefit is how many variations there are for mods. Some items have multiple mod slots, quality of the item limits the quality of the mods, quality of the mods themselves, and the variation of mod quality for each item.

As such, a legendary weapon with four mod slots that has 2 epic, 1 rare, and 1 uncommon mod is going to have a different value than a legendary weapon with 3 mod slots that has 2 epic and 1 legendary. Also value of hard to find or uncraftable mods plays into it and your specific play style. This is entirely up to you. My original save I disassembled everything that had mods and just saved the mods, I had so many mods and nothing to put them in. My new save for this guide I’ve been more selective and just sold most of it.



Essentially, once you pass Watson you should sell everything you aren’t going to break down for a mod. This is a longer guide to cover a simple “Just sell it all.” but I like to cover my reasoning and show the math behind it over a simple “because I said so.”

I started playing in 1.5, so I skipped a lot of the early growing pains for CP2077 and from what I’ve read CDPR has altered the cost of components from vendors over time to what they are now, which has made it more cost effective and maximizes your income to just sell your gear and buy up components. If anything changes in a future patch with component costs or dismantling output amounts then I’ll revisit and change things. If I’ve missed something, dropped the ball on some math, or failed to cover something key please let me know in the comments and I’ll work on it.

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