Cyberpunk 2077 – How to Change Clothes

Cyberpunk 2077 How to Change Clothes

Welcome to our Cyberpunk 2077 How to Change Clothes guide! Style could be very essential withinside the dystopian future, so if you’re here, you’re likely thinking the way to extrade your garments and get a few new clothes in your person in Cyberpunk 2077. Here’s what you want to know.

How to Change Clothes in Cyberpunk 2077

No one is obtainable carrying lame garments in Cyberpunk 2077. Anyone who’s really well worth understanding has a few type of favor to them and you’ll need to hold up, obviously.

To alternate your garments press the Options button on PS4 or Menu button on Xbox One and visit the ‘Inventory’ tab. On the right-hand facet of this screen, you’ll have some of special slots for Hat, Mask, Outer Torso, Inner Torso, Lower Body, Shoes, and more.

Simply choose the slot which corresponds to the object of apparel you need to alternate, after which press X/A. Then choose the object of apparel you need V to wear, and voila, V’ll have a sparkling new look.

It’s really well worth stating that you’ll simplest be capable of equip matters you’ve were given to your Inventory. If a chunk of apparel is to your Stash, you’ll want to transport it into your Inventory earlier than you equip it.

How to Get More Clothes in Cyberpunk 2077

At a few point, though, you’ll need to get a few new clothing and garments and hold your fashion sparkling. You can get new clothing and garments via way of means of heading to any of the ‘Clothing’ stores round Night City. These are marked in your map with a Jacket icon, as proven withinside the picture below.

Head interior and you’ll engage with the NPC at the back of the counter. You’ll then be capable of browse their wares and pick out what apparel gives you a lift in armor stats… and additionally seems great.

Clothes also can be received via way of means of choosing them up from useless enemies, or located in loot containers scattered round Night City. These may be tough to find, however, as they won’t display up in your map.

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