Cyberpunk 2077 – Make Crafting Faster

If you want to craft items faster without having to hold the RMB, or if you are here from my other guide, then you’ve come to the right place!


File Explorer and Notepad ++ are all the tools you need for this trick.

Finding the File

The file you are looking for is located in your game folder, r6/config/inputContexts.xml . To easily access this location, go to your steam library, right click on cyberpunk and click Properties. Go to “Local Files” and click “Browse Local Files”. From here navigate to the location above in the r6 folder.

Editing the File

Right click on the file called “inputContexts.xml” and open it with Notepad++. Press CTRL+F on your keyboard to bring up the find menu. In here, you will want to look for the following string (without quotation marks): “craft_item”. Click Find next twice, until it looks like this:

Next to that string, you see a timeout = “0.8”. Change that 0.8 to 0.01 (you can change it to whatever you want your crafting time to be, however i haven’t tested any other values because 0.01 works very well)

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