Cyberpunk 2077 – PS4 / PS5 Controls

Every control option on the PlayStation version of Cyberpunk 2077.

PS4 / PS5 Controls

These are the default buttons for the game Cyberpunk 2077.

ActionPS4/PS5 Controller
MoveLeft analog stick
Use ItemD-pad Up
Pause MenuOptions
Game MenuTouchpad
Skip CutscenesHold Circle
Skip DialogCircle
Quick-Access MenuHold Triangle
Draw WeaponTriangle
Holster WeaponDouble-tap Triangle
Strong Melee AttackHold R2
Shoot / Fast AttackR2
Aim Combat GadgetHold R1
Use Combat GadgetR1
Look AroundRight analog stick
Quick ScanL1
Scanning ModeHold L1
Block (Melee)Hold L2
Aim (Ranged)Hold L2
Dialog UpUp on d-pad
Zoom In (while aiming)Up on d-pad
Dialog DownDown on d-pad
Zoom Out (while aiming)Down on d-pad
Phone MenuLeft on d-pad
Open NotificationsLeft on d-pad
Call VehicleRight on d-pad
Open GarageHold right on d-pad
Photo ModeL3 and R3

Can I use keyboard and mouse on PS4 / PS5?

The game doesn’t support the mouse and keyboard on PS4 and PS5. This also applies to Xbox Series X and Xbox One. For this reason, keyboard usage is exclusive only to PC.

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