Cyberpunk 2077 – Starter Tips

In this guide, you will find out about a few top tips for new players of Cyberpunk 2077!

Tips to Easy Start

Best Perk to Learn at the Start of the Game!

So most players will not notice this because there are lots of other cool perks, which seem essential, however this specific one will help you out a lot!

So at the start of the game, when your level is lower than 10, upgrade the “Cool” attribute once or twice, then go to “Ninjutsu” and learn perk “Dagger Dealer”. It allows you to throw any melee weapon which is a knife.

At the start of the game your enemies are not very strong, so if you throw the knife at their head, there is a chance of instant killing.

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Weapon Upgrades

So many new players believe that when you find a new weapon that is better than your current one, you use it.

However, players don`t realise that upgrading exists! To access upgrading, press “K” and then click “Upgrading” tab and bingo!

To get the components for upgrading, you can disassemble weapons, clothing, weapon mods and you can also find components in the city in boxes and from some defeated enemies.

Upgrading gives you Crafting experience points and every new level in crafting gives you perk points.

Also, on the map you can find the “Junk Traders” which can sell you the components. In addition, when you reach a higher level, you can unlock a special perk, which allows you to craft better components from worse ones.

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