Cyberpunk 2077 – Street Kid Choices and Consequences

Street Kid Choices and Consequences

When you first start as a street kid, you can drink a shot and then fix your nose, or just fix your nose.

Nose Fix

You can fix it without the booze, and you won’t be drunk. If you take the shot, your world will be kind of floaty to indicate that you are drunk for a few minutes. Not a big deal either way.

Kirk Choices

When you start to speak with Kirk, you will get a few choices.

Not sure I can pull it off

You tell Kirk you aint a thief, and stealing something like that won’t be easy. Kirk says that it is easy, and he will clear Pepe’s debt and pay you if you do the job for him. Long story short, you are taking this job. You can talk to Big Joe if you want, but he basically ignores you.

I do this and the debt is paid?

Kirk says yes the debt with Pepe is squared and you get yourself a nice pay day as well.

After he explains the security, you get another choice.


Kirk will say glad to hear it, you always were smart. You can then head to your job.

Better keep your word

Kirk will say easyyyyy bud, job is gonna pad your wallet also.

6th Street Soldier

While in the car with Padre, a 6th street Soldier will come and be rude to Padre. You can speak up if you want or let him keep going.

Do you know who you are talking to?

You get mad and make yourself known the the soldier. He tells you and Padre that you better watch your backs. Padre is happy to know that you have a spine though, says people often get soft when they leave here. He will then give you his card in case you have to contact him.

Ignore the soldier

Padre will give the man a counter offer. Padre will inform the man that his mother will wake up alive and well in the morning if the soldier leaves. Either way the soldier tells you and Padre to watch your backs. Padre will say that Atlanta broke you, made you soft. There isn’t like a respect meter or anything, but it seems like he might have lost some for you. You still get Padre’s card.

Stealing The Car

While attempting to steal the car, Jackie will pop up and put a gun to your face.

Gun It

You try to drive away, but the car isn’t working. Then the cops show up.

Easy now

You say easy does it, and Jackie says you can get out or get beat down. Doesn’t matter though since the cops show up.

There are a couple of quick choices after this, but they don’t matter so pick what you like.

Talking With Jackie After The Police Leave

Stints wouldn’t do that

You say Stint’s wouldn’t do that, but Jackie isn’t so sure.

Same here

You agree with Jackie and keep on chatting.

Then there are other choices.

Unlikely it would have worked

You say nah, the job was toxic from the start. No way you would have gotten out with the car.

Nah my fault

You say nah it was your own fault. You think that the tech you used triggered the alarm.

We buddies all of a sudden?

Jackie says if you help his homies then you are okay in his book. The two of you go get some lunch.


Jackie says you guys need to go eat his mama’s chili since it is the best in town. The two of you go grab some grub.

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