Damned Cold – Useful Tips and Tricks

Quick Tips


  • Each run must be under 10 minutes. If you take much longer than that, you’re doing it wrong.
  • Learn the shooting mechanics, you and the enemies can only shoot in 4 directions.
  • Unlock new missions by escaping with the intel. The easiest path is via passenger train(not the cargo train), replay that path multiple times. The second easiest is the tank mission.
  • In some missions, if a helpful item doesn’t appear in the first screens, just reload and try again.


  • Sniper: near radiotower in north tunnel screen.
  • Iron train: access train platform through the tunnels at botton left of tank screen. Kill all soldiers and wait for the correct train.
  • Tank/Mech: to open north tunnel, you need deactivate any 3 radiotowers. You can escape in vehicles or on foot.
  • Blizzard: any escape in blizzard condition. The easiest is the tank path – activate both on start screen.
  • Explosives/Riot: You need to use exactly 6 explosives on the power plant coils, destroying them all. After the explosion, in the underground lab, the generator door in that room can be opened. You will also need to place an explosive on this generator. There are 3 crates of explosives in the church, north of the lab. After blowing up the generator, the force field holding the prisoners will be deactivated and you can activate the elevator.
  • Weapon prototype: bottom of underground lab screen.
  • Zeppelin: Is there 4 anchors. Recommended order:
    • North tunnel screen(NE).
    • Tank garage screen(SE).
    • Power plant screen(SW).
    • Crane screen(NW).
  • In last anchor you need to circunvent back to beggining, and access the the crane via lake screen. In that screen, you can pickup the mech. The elevator to zeppelin is in church screen.
Created by Alex A.H.K.

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