Dark Souls – How to Beat Mimics

Get back at those identity thieves.

Identifying Mimics

Mimics have are visually different from normal chests. They have a pale, cheap look to them. The biggest difference, though, is the chain (located to the right of the chest). A normal chest’s chain will go in a circle and face away from you, while a mimic’s chain will be straight and face towards you.

If all else fails, you can attack the chest to see if it’s a mimic. While this works 100% of the time, you might not want to fight it, as there is another solution to grab its loot.

Lloyd’s Talisman

You see, mimic’s have extreme insomnia that prevents them from ever sleeping. This causes them to be very grumpy, which is why they want to kill you. When you throw a Lloyd’s talisman at a mimic, it can finally fall asleep, and it gladly thanks you by giving up its loot.

This is the easiest way to deal with a mimic, though you will not get souls and it requires having a Lloyd’s talisman on you.

Git Gud

In case you decide to fight the mimic, don’t rely on you shield. They hit pretty hard, and their grab attack will ignore your shield and instantly kill you. Never get too close to their front, roll away and hit them from behind to avoid being grabbed.

Also, I’m not sure if this works in Remastered, but in 3 you could quickly and repeatedly hit R1 and R2 to escape a grab attack. If you do end up getting grabbed, try this to see if it works.

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