Dark Souls II – Easy Offline Bell Covenant Farm

An easy and efficient farming method to rank up the Bell Covenant while offline.

Prep Work

  • Start the game in offline mode by launching Steam in offline mode or disconnecting your internet connection after launching the game. This helps give the game an easier to read RAM usage as it’s not trying to load player ghosts, messages and blood stains.
  • Open up your Task Manager and tick the ‘Always on top’ checkbox under Options.
  • Resize the window and position it in a way so that you can play the game and check its RAM usage simultaneously (borderless window mode is recommended).


Start by spamming the Belfry Sol Approach Bonfire and watching the game’s RAM usage.

You’ll want to look out for increases of about 10 MB. When that happens the game has loaded in the Mad Warrior Phantom and you can head up the ladder to kill it.

Rinse and repeat until you have enough kills.

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