Dark Souls Remastered – How to Save / Load the Progress of Game at Any Time

Dark Souls Save Recover

The program is designed to save/load the progress of Dark Souls at any time. If you think that this is a “cheat” or something similar, read below F.A.Q, where I will answer this question in detail.

Run Instruction

Download program to any catalog.

Run. If you see nothing, don’t worry. Program work in your tray.

Right click on program icon and select on your game version. (Program remember your last game and in future you can skip this option).

Run game. Start play. When it will need (before battle with invader/danger enemy/boss) press F5 for save game.

If you need load game, then press Exit game to screen with “press any button” and use F9 for load your progress.


Q: This is a cheat/hack!
A: No, it’s not cheat. The program does not work with * .exe files and does not affect the memory of the game process. The program simply copies your save to another folder and back. You can do all this manually by pressing the alt tab during the game. Nothing criminal.

Q: But it is still forbidden!
A: Nope, save backup’s not forbidde. I studied DS1 Remastered rules and found nothing like it there. Prohibited programs spoiling the fun of the gameplay to other people. Programs allow you to get an advantage over other people. This program also allows you to save time in case of death. If someone attacks you, you can all die so easily.

Q: But not so interesting! This is not a true dark souls!
А: Yes, it’s not interesting, but there are different situations. when an immortal cheater invades me and kills with 1 strike – for me this is also not interesting, and I don’t want to start the location after this death every time after that. Maybe someone wants to get acquainted with the game, but does not want to suffer. Nobody forces to use the program.

Q: Suddenly it’s a virus?
A: Open Sources Anyone can download, check, compile, modify and do what they want with the program.

Q: I Want change save/load hotkeys, how I can do it?
A: You can’t. F5 – Save, F9 – Load and nothing else.

Q: I seen similar programs, but better.
А: I’m happy for you. It was lazy for me to search and it was easier to write my own, and after the finished result it was decided to share it with the others. To use the program or not, or to use some other program is solely your choice.

Q: After load my character was not in the place where I was saved!
A: Saves in Dark Souls occur every minute, or after any special action (killing the enemy, drinking estus, taking damage, using the item). For save in moment when you want, I can advise you carry with you many purple moss and use it, to force a save trigger.

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  1. Hi, can you please tell me where is the game progress autosave files? I want to delete the last move I did in the game, I started a fight with an NBC accidentally and I really want to go back I don’t want to fight him he is important

    • cara, após a luta contra as gárgulas siga em direção a torre e fale com o cara lá que parece um padre (hehe) pague a ele para remover os seus “pecados” e pronto! o NPC voltará ao normal. (GOOGLE TRANSLATE)

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