DashBored – Memories Guide (True Ending)

A guide explaining how to obtain the 4 memories needed to achieve the games true ending. This guide assumes you have already beaten Dashbored once.

General Tips

On Day 2, Midori seems to be the best choice for a party member. She can heal party members for free and refill their MV. Her Pause ability is also very powerful but if you’d prefer to take Jack, Eloise’s Nail Gun ability provides the same effect.

My general strategy for beating bosses is to either Pause or Nail them and make sure they stay permanently stunned for the whole fight.

Beating TV Land gives you a fair amount of cash to start off allowing you to buy healing items and better weapons.

On Day 2 if you return to Roke and go to a new southern area you can recruit another new party member, Lord Occidere. Occidere is a pretty decent party member but I found myself preferring the others over him. However, if you’re looking for someone to deal damage to multiple enemies at once then it’s a good idea to recruit him.

Purple Memory (TV Land)

The first Memory can be collected as soon as you leave the starting area. Go to TV Land, found just off the road to Ovok.

TV Land is a series of 5 questions with hallways containing enemies between each question. The enemies here are tough but can be run from easily and are a good source of early game XP if you want to grind.

The answers are:

  • Question 1- Vurrus
  • Question 2- Gourdmoore

While going from question 2 to 3, note the locked red door in the hallway.

  • Question 3- 7
  • Question 4- SAPU

Flip the red switch on the wall and return to the red door.

  • Question 4- Temprocal and Damicelle

Talk to Telle and ask “Where is the exit?” to open the door out. After going through it you will find the first Memory. Save after getting it and leave TV Land.

Note: The Memory can still be collected even if you fail every question. However, every time you fail you must fight some enemies who can be rather tough in the early game.

The Rest of Day 1 (Prep)

Continue on to Ovok and head east to the abandoned house. Just outside the house you’ll find a patch of pumpkins. Pay close attention to them as every now and then one of the pumpkins will look around.

Interact with the pumpkin to receive the pumpkin key.

Once you gain access to the Orphanage, go left and enter the classroom. From the classroom, go down to the toilets and look for the box outside the girl’s bathroom. Open it to get the pumpkin locket.

Day 2 (Gourdmoore)

Before continuing the story return to Ovok. There will be a new door on the northern wall.

Head through it and use the pumpkin key on the door inside.

Now that you are in Gourdmoore, go directly north and speak to the masked person next to the guillotine to get the carved pumpkin. Use it from your inventory to wear it.

Next go east from the guillotine to find another house.

Every time you enter the house, an NPC named Eloise has a chance to spawn. Enter and exit the house repeatedly until she appears and then talk to her. After giving her the pumpkin locket, she will join your party.

Green Memory (Gourdmoore)

While wearing the pumpkin, go to the house to the left of the entrance. The NPC blocking the door has now left, allowing you to get onto the roof and take the Memory. Head to the Ovok Inn and save.

Yellow Memory (Snowy Temple)

The 3rd Memory takes the longest to get as it has a dungeon type area and boss fight guarding it. With a party of 4 it shouldn’t be too difficult to get through but I would still recommend stocking up on healing items.

Go to the Snowy Temple near the road to Coton.

Once inside, head to the building on the left and speak to the leader of the soldier there.

Now that you have permission to enter the temple itself, you are free to explore. There are symbols on the wall in a room to the left which you should take note of as they will be useful later.

Continue on to the large room with a soldier inside. The two doors at the back each lead to a different path, both of which ending in buttons which that must be pressed. Start by going through the left door.

In the left path you are given a choice of 2 doors, one will let you progress while the other sends you back to the start. The wall markings that were seen previously indicate the correct order to go through the doors.

Right, Left, Right, Right, Left, Left, Left, Right, Left

Before leaving the last room, make sure to remember the symbols on the pillars.

Defeat the enemy guarding the button and push it. Return to the starting area and continue onto the right path.

Keep going through the rooms until you reach what appears to be a dead end. Interact with the grate to continue.

The final room features 3 different buttons, all guarded by enemies. Defeat the enemies to gain access to the buttons. To finish the room you must push the buttons in the correct order, each button having a symbol that is similar to the pillar symbols on it. Push them in the order they appear on the pillar.

3, 1, 2

Return the starting room and talk to the soldier who will now be jumping up and down. Descend the elevator and make sure to heal and save before progressing. In the next room, go through the door at the top left and keep going until you find a red button. Pushing it will return you to the elevator.

Go back into the large room and interact with the skeleton. Win the fight and make your choice to open a path through the waterfall, go through it and you will find the 3rd Memory.

Orange Memory (Underground Corruption)

When you get to the Corrupted Village open the shop near the stranded passengers and buy the Foglight.

Continue on to the area with the exiles and head northwest. Eventually you’ll come across an offshoot leading to another area. Go down it and continue till you reach the church.

Save outside the church and go inside for another boss fight. Beat the boss and head up onto the stage to retrieve the final memory.

Reaching The Satellite

At the start of the third day head into the M&J building and go down into the basement. Here you can interact with all 4 of the Memories to read the memory stored within each of them. Once you’re ready, interact with the console in front of the ship.

Leave the basement and talk to Midori and Jack. This will allow you to get onto the Satellite and guarantees you will get the ending. Good luck from here!

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