Dawn of Man – Game Basics

Game Basics

The Dawn of Man interface is simplistic and offers Freeplay, Challenges and custom Community scenarios which you can play, or mod and create yourself to share with the Steam community. Dawn of Man generates and loads new and saved games pretty fast, but remains yet relatively sophisticated in gameplay.

Setting up a new game offers to play in Continental Dawn, The Northlands or Ancient Warriors. This guide focuses on Continental Dawn in nomad mode. You can start wherever you choose.

In-game you can make use of several information panels, of which you can customise the shortkeys. Gamespeed can be set in 4 gears and easily switched between, savegames are automatically saved in about 15-minute intervals of actual play.

Important events such as milestones, gained technology points, births, deaths, new arrivals, traders, attacks, resource quantity marks or shortages are prompted by message notification and by sound. Sound levels can be changed randomly or set off separately but not specifically.

All human entities (immigrants, traders and raiders) that do not belong to your community (yet), spawn at random locations at the edge of the map and will approach your settlement on foot.

Wild animals de- or respawn at the turn of every season, which can be easily tracked in Primal Vision mode. Megafauna and ancient animals will go extinct in between the time of the Copper and Bronze Age, regardless of how many you kill or keep alive until that point.

Savegames, person names or settlement names cannot be altered or tampered with after being created.

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