Day of Dragons – Nesting Guide


Nesting is the reproduction mechanism in Day of Dragons. To nest, you need a pair of fertile, fully-grown adult dragons of the same species – one male and one female. The female is able to lay an egg, after which the male can imprint on it to start the incubation process. During the process, the egg has to be periodically sprayed with the element of the parents in order to properly grow. Once the process finishes, a Steam friend can be invited into the egg, taking form of the dragon within.

After laying an egg or imprinting on it, the parents will be able to see their stats. The hatchling’s stats will be randomly chosen from between the two, along with its skin and gender. All of these, however, can be affected by the Nurse Dragon, who can slightly increase a single stat by up to 2%, within certain boundaries, as well as choose a skin and gender of the offspring.

Exotic Nesting

While the offsprings will normally inherit one of the skins of its parents, in rare cases a mutation may occur. All known mutations, and the list of skins required to make them, are listed below:

Black skin + White skin => Oreo skin


  • Hybrid Dragon is the only dragon to not be able to nest, due to it being an infertile hybrid between a wyvern and a dragon.
  • With exception to the above, you can be nested in as any dragon and with any skin – even the exclusive ones.

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