Dead by Daylight – Bubba Sawyer Guide: Chainsaw Management

Bubba Sawyer (The Cannibal): Chainsaw Management

Charges Management 

The Cannibal (Bubba Sawyer) should use his Chainsaw Charges carefully to get most value out of them during the chase. If Bubba Sawyer knows he can catch a Survivor with 3 Chainsaw Charges before Survivor reaches a Pallet or Window – it’s a good play. If Bubba can not do that, in that scenario Bubba should break a Pallet with only 1 Chainsaw Charge if it’s possible

Timing the tokens is one of the most important things to master. Sometimes a slightly worse token timing can mean the difference in getting a down, and not getting a down.

How do you practice token timing? Bubba gets 15 Bloodpoints for every second in Chainsaw Sweep. This can give you information on how good you are at pressing Tokens. Base kit Bubba can get a maximum 90 Bloodpoints in the Chainsaw Sprint category, but it’s extremely hard to get. Decent level is 88 or 89.

With the Award Winning Chili Bubba can get a maximum 112 Bloodpoints in the Chainsaw Sprint category. Decent level is 110-111

Movement Speed 

[1] Revving Movement Speed

Bubba needs 2 seconds to activate Chainsaw Sweep. During the first second of revving, his movement speed is decreased from his base 115% to 109.25%. It’s easy to notice in game. But after a 1 second of revving his movement speed has decreased tremendously from 109.25% to 86.25%

[2] Chainsaw Sweep Movement Speed

When the Chainsaw Sweep starts, Bubba’s movement speed is at 86.25% and accelerates to the max 132.25% (without add-ons). Acceleration takes 60% duration of his first charge. It means, without addons Bubba needs 1.2 seconds to reach Chainsaw Sweep maximum movement speed.

That’s another problem about Bubba. Bubba got this stupid code after the TWINS DLC.

Acceleration makes Carburetor Tunning Guide the worst addon in the game. With this addon Bubba needs 4.5 seconds to reach maximum movement speed because it counts all 3 charges as 1. This also makes Award Winning Chili & Chili addons much weaker than they should be. With Award Winning Chili & Chili,  Bubba needs more time to accelerate (1.5 & 1.35 seconds). For this reason Double Chili is an extremely bad add-on combination, because of long acceleration & no additional speed.

[3] Tantrum Movement Speed

During the Tantrum, movement speed is decreased to 11.5%.

Tantrum (Fast Explain How It Works)

  • Duration of Tantrum depends how many charges Cannibal used before a Tantrum. 
  • Every charge used adds an additional 1 second to Tantrum duration. 
  • One charge used = 5 seconds duration 
  • Two charges used = 6 seconds duration 
  • Three charges used = 7 seconds duration 
  • Four charges used = 8 seconds duration (Depth Gauge Rake scenario) 

Chainsaw Cooldowns (Fast Explain How It Works

  • Every charge used adds an additional 1 second to the cooldown duration. 
  • One charge used = 1.5 seconds cooldown 
  • Two charges used = 2.5 seconds cooldown 
  • Three charges used = 3.5 seconds cooldown 
  • Four charges used = 4.5 seconds cooldown (Depth Gauge Rake scenario) 
  • Successful Chainsaw cooldown = 2 seconds 

Chainsaw Duration 

  • At base kit Chainsaw Sweep maximum duration is 6 seconds.

I sincerely hope this was helpful. Good luck to you!

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