Dead by Daylight – Details and Information about the Tutorial

For those of you who are new to Dead by Daylight, you’ll most likely check out the Tutorial before you start playing. this guide will inform what you will be doing in the tutorials and how to beat them (despite how simple they are) along with some details that you might overlook.

Survivor Tutorial

The Survivor Tutorial focuses on Dwight’s efforts to escape from the Trial Grounds alive. In this Tutorial, you’ll learn how to repair generators, hit skill checks, evade the killer, rescuing Survivors from hooks, healing yourself and others, and escaping the Trial alive.

Stage 1

In this stage, Dwight will be tasked to repair an almost fully completed Generator and open the exit gates.

A Generator will spawn in front of you. this Generator is almost fully repaired, so just hold M1 on it to complete it. After this, head over to the Exit Gates and hold M1 by the switch in order to open the gates and complete this stage.

Stage 2

In this stage, Dwight will learn about skill checks and the importance of succeeding them.

Like the first stage, a Generator will spawn in front of you. this Generator is halfway repaired, so start repairing it like you did in the first stage. While you are repairing the Generator, skill checks will appear. press Spacebar while the red line is above the white box to succeed a skill check. Failing a skill check alerts the killer to your location, so be careful. Once the Generator is repaired, you will complete the stage.

Stage 3

In this stage, Dwight has an encounter with a Killer, during which he learns about the Terror Radius.

The Trapper spawns behind a wall made by the Entity. this stage is extremely simple to complete; just walk to the next area and leave the Terror Radius. if you want to, you can stick around to learn how far the Terror Radius goes.

Stage 4

In this stage, Dwight must enter the killer shack to find some tools without disturbing any Crows.

Three Crows are perched on boxes, along with a Vault that blocks your path to the Killer Shack. Doing this loudly is simple; run on ahead, vault the fallen log and enter the Shack. doing so will create noise and trigger the Crows, however. An optional objective is to stealth your way to the shack, which is slightly harder. crouch walk past the crows until you reach the fallen log. vault over it, making sure you are close to it in order to stop the nearby Crow from being alerted. afterwards, crouch walk into the shack.

Before entering the basement, you could use the vault to test out the distance and angle you need to preform Fast and Medium vaults. not required, but it’s a free way to test it out without being forced to run away from the killer afterwards.

When you are ready, drop down into the basement. the Terror Radius forces you to hide in a nearby locker, which proves to be a fatal mistake…

Stage 5

Dwight gets himself hooked, prompting a fellow survivor to risk their life saving him.

No matter what you did in the previous stage, The Trapper will search the locker you are in and will hook you. The Trapper then leaves to find other Survivors to hunt. you can attempt to escape the hook, but doing so will just cause you to enter the Struggle Phase after a few failed attempts. Despite the Struggle Phase seeming dangerous, you cannot die to it in the Tutorial; the game will mash Spacebar for you.

Eventually, Meg will enter the basement and unhook you. In the second part of the Stage, open the chest at the back of the basement and use the medkit inside to heal yourself. you’ll be able to heal fully, but the medkit will be entirely used up in the process. It is now time to leave the Basement.

Stage 6

Dwight must save Meg from a hook and heal her back to full health.

While exiting the basement, Meg will end up getting hooked. once The Trapper leaves, you are free to unhook Meg. After this, you must heal her. make sure to hit the Skill Checks to avoid alerting the Killer to your location!

Stage 7

Dwight and Meg fix the final Generator and attempt to escape the Trial Grounds.

You and Meg must repair the final Generator together. Repair the Generator, making sure to hit the skill checks that you might get. Once this is done, you are able to open the Exit gates and escape, or enter the Hatch. the Hatch is easy to find due to the loud noise it makes, and entering it or the Exit Gates will allow you to Finish the Tutorial and escape the Trial Grounds.

Finishing the Survivor Tutorial grants you 50,000 Bloodpoints.

Killer Tutorial

In this Tutorial, you play as The Trapper as he hunts down and sacrifices survivors, while learning about Hooks, Tracking and Hunting.

Stage 1

Meg makes a mistake that The Trapper uses to his advantage.

In the first stage, Meg steps on a trap. this part of the tutorial is simple; Pick up Meg and place her onto the hook. the game will tell you about Hook States for survivors, meaning Stage 1 is already complete.

Stage 2

The Trapper uses his strength and ability to track to his advantage.

Meg will be standing under a pallet on the other side of the stage, which she will promptly throw down once you get close to her. A bonus mission in this stage is to Lunge attack Meg, but simply lunging will do the job; you don’t need to hit Meg in order to do it.

After hitting Meg, the game will interrupt you and teach you about scratch marks. down and Hook Meg in order to complete the stage.

Stage 3

The Trapper approaches a different area of the Trial Grounds to find his prey.

In this stage, you will spawn in front of a generator that must be broken to continue; you cannot pass to the next area without breaking it. Once done, you can head over to another part of the stage to hunt. Claudette will be working on a generator in front of you; you can hit her down and hook her, or pull her off of the generator. taking too long will allow Claudette to finish the generator, but it will not trigger the exit gates.

Going to a different area will allow you to find Dwight, who promptly climbs into a nearby locker, which you can pull him out of and hook. Once Dwight and Claudette are hooked, a generator will become fully repaired and trigger the exit gates (regardless of whether or not Claudette finished the one she was on earlier). head to the exit gates, where Meg will be attempting to open them. down and hook Meg to finish the tutorial. Meg can open the gates, but will not attempt to escape out of them.

Finishing the Killer Tutorial grants you 50,000 Bloodpoints.

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