Dead by Daylight – How to Play Nea

This will improve your nea gameplay, trust me I am a Nea main.

How to Select Nea and What to Wear

You’ll need to choose Nea.

You can wear anything you want as long as you can be seen from across the map by the killer.

Bringing a Flashlight and How to Use It

You can bring any addons you like to use(I personally bring battery and low amp filament or bring double battery to have the flashlight last longer). You can use the flashlight for many things in the game like to annoy your team or the killer.

If you use a macro the results would be better, if not you can always go to your input settings and change the “USE ITEM” to mouse wheel down and you’ll be able to spam your flashlight but not as fast a macro, but will end in the same results. For controller I am sorry but I don’t know which button it would be for the best result and uncertain if it would work.

How to Be Stealth to Get the Flashlight Save

You can’t. (you’ll most likely be face camped on the hook)

If you manage to not be on the hook being faced camped and you find yourself in a situation of a downed teammate about to be picked up, during the pickup animation, make sure you mess up the timing of the animation, or face the opposite direction in order to get that sick flashlight save.

What Perks to Bring

  • This perk is most effective if you are hiding in a bush and activate the perk when the killer is in close proximity of you and throw the pebble at a near by teammate. this will in turn have the killer go after your teammate.
  • After being unhooked by your teammate run away from the hook and don’t let anyone heal you, you are capable of doing it yourself.
  • If you are one of the last two remaining survivor and you are on the hook this perk will insure the death of your teammate if they can’t loop long enough for you to die (also always struggle on the hook, for the best results of being a good teammate).
  • This perk makes you invisible to the killer and to have this perk work most effectively you have to stay crouched for the whole game.

How to Loop

Drop every pallet you run across, teabag and flashlight click when being chased by the killer.

How to 360 Those Noob Killers

You’ve never done one before, that’s why you’re reading this section.

When in close vicinity of the killer and he/she is about to swing their weapon, throw your mouse off the desk and in return you will not be hit by the killer.

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