Dead by Daylight – How to Stop the DC Timer

This is a guide to help people play Dead By Daylight who are having trouble with the match making issue that happens when you lose connection.

Steps Involved

Hey, so I recently disconnected from a match in Dead By Daylight and had an issue where I couldn’t join a new match. Every time I disconnected the timer got longer. I tried lots of things to fix this issue and in the end I figured out a solution which I will share with you in this guide.

So the first thing you will want to do is log into your second account of DBD. If you are like me, you might be rank 20 since you don’t use your second account very much. This will not only let you play games faster but it will make your gameplay more interesting because lower ranks are less toxic. On your second account the DC timer will be reset. Now, if you should run into this issue again, the solution is the same. Log out and go onto your third account of Dead By Daylight.

After a while you might need to make a new account, I suggest getting the game when it goes on sale and getting multiple accounts. Doing this way, you can play the game how you like without the condescending toxicity of the developers trying to ruin your gameplay experience. Hopefully I helped someone with this guide and you can get back to playing the competitive online multiplayer game Dead By Daylight. Stay safe in the fog!

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