Dead by Daylight – How to Uncap FPS

This guide will help you uncap FPS in order to achieve smoother gameplay and higher framerates.

Guide to Uncap FPS


This guide will prove you with information how to disable V-Sync and uncap your framerate in order to achieve smooth and more enjoyable gameplay. However, this is not an optimization guide, thus you will not get any extra frames, better performance etc. It simply tells you how to remove the cap.

Steps to Uncap FPS

  • Find the file called GameUserSettings.ini in the following directory:
    • C:\Users[username]\AppData\Local\DeadByDaylight\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor
  • In order to get a quick access to this directory, copy this path:
    • %localappdata%\DeadByDaylight\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor
  • Paste it into Windows Explorer search bar and find the file from there.
  • Edit the file with a text editor of your choice (you can even use the default Notepad).
  • Find the line bUseVSync and change its value from True to False.
  • Find the line FrameRateLimit and set its value to the amount of FPS you want your game to run at. The most popular value is 120, although my setup can’t always provide such a high framerate, so I myself use 90.
  • Save and close the file. That’s all!

Common Misconceptions

After editing and saving the file, make it read-only – don’t do that. Firstly, it is not needed at all, if you did everything I mentioned in the steps above, there’s absolutely no need to do that, the game won’t try to revert the settings back to the original framerate. Secondly, you could make yourself some problems – this config file contains other settings that you are very likely to tweak now and then (i.e. video or audio settings). Making the file read-only would prevent the game from saving changes that you yourself made in the game’s settings menu.

You should also change the FPSLimit line – no, you shouldn’t. There’s an additional, FPS related line in the config, but it seems to be absolutely useless. Changing the value of this line doesn’t seem to provide any changes. There’s no need to change its value nor match it with FrameRateLimit’s.

You’re gonna get banned for doing it – no, you’re not. First of wall, you are not installing any third party software or gaining unfair advantage over other players (mostly from console). Your game just runs smoother and provides you with more enjoyable experience. Secondly, you’re tweaking the config file that was brought to you by the very developers of the game. You’re tweaking available options, you’re not modding or interfering with game files etc.

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