Dead by Daylight – How to Win as Killer (Plague OP)

The Plague is in my opinion overpowered for a few reasons. Here’s a guide that describes why she’s overpowered and how you can play her to be overpowered and ruin the fun 😀

The Plague

Play The Plague… Here’s why:

Not only is it (in my opinion) the most overpowered killer there is, she also has alot of potential with perks. I’ll devide this into parts to keep it clear. Let’s start with the ability. Vile purge (her puke).

Vile Purge


  • Broken effect prevents heal (when downed).
  • Always broken because cleansing gives a huge disadvantage.
  • Spreading it too easy and gives too much pressure (with perks).
  • Always exposed location with sound and visuals.
  • Corrupt purge is broken.

With vile purge you can make survivors “Broken” which not only makes them a one-hit, it also prevents them from healing or being healed. Even when downed they can not be picked up because of the broken effect. Besides that, the broken effect is pretty much permanent once applied because cleansing only has downsides. (this also means everyone is a one-hit the intire game). It gives The Plague the ability to gain Corrupt Purge(red, damaging puke). This is game breaking and gives her such an advantage that cleansing has no use. Being a one-hit is better than having a huge range damage beam that can be abused by swinging while puking.

To spread the infection to others they need to interact with infected surfaces or get shot with Vile Purge. When a good Plague just sprays every gen while in a chase, she gives pressure all the game through. Since no one wants to get infected, you can easily deny players from repairing while in chases in the early game. Besides that, it is also strong in combination with Corrupt intervention. It forces everyone to come close to you and gives you the ability as The Plague to just infect the first generators and then the rest when the perk is gone. This denies everyone from touching gens for the first minute(s).

When the broken effect is applied you make alot of noise. You puke, give of alot of visual effects which are higher than most obstacles and you leave things infected when you use them.(lockers, windows etc.). So when broken, you are super easy to find which makes it extremely difficult to hide, escape or didge the killer. She can just track what is infected and find you. This makes alot of perks unusable which normally give you the potential to dodge the killer with locker jukes or something.

This can only be countered by everyone being infected and broken but still exposes at least someone.

And finally, The corrupt purge. It is (in my opinion) overpowered since alot of obstacles are to low to dodge it. The huntress axes can at least be dodged with skillfull wiggles. The Plague can just activate sprikler mode and still hit you. Even when behind a little bit higher objects. Because of the Purge’s bulletdrop, she could easily still hit you behind objects. It also gives her the ability to damage multiple survivors with one beam. So if you stacked on a generator, and she max range purged all over it, multiple survivors are hurt at the same time (which makes the thanatophobia perk even more overpowered in the upcoming topic).

Now the next topic…



  • Thanatophobia is too strong with the broken effect (or Corrupt purge).

Thanatophobia is overall balanced in normal situations (except legion :^), but with The Plague it’s kinda overpowered. Since applying the plague on survivors isn’t that hard, it makes it so overpowered since cleansing has no use. So eventually everyone is infected (if she plays well) which gives thanatophobia it’s full potential all game long.

The rest of the perks are pretty normal on her, although with some you could gain an even bigger advantage than you already have with her.


She needs a nerf, bot only on the broken effect, Vile purge and Corrupted purge but also on the visual effects. Games against The Plague are (in my opinion) not fun at all. Even the old Legion was waaay better than this. This is not really a guide, see it more as a request for the devs to fix it since every game against The Plague ruins the fun.

Overall i would say “Pretty good job so far”…

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