Dead by Daylight – Quick and Easy Tips to Increase Your Odds of Survival / Escape

Hello, so there are many things I see survivors doing (most often randoms that I get on my team during matchmaking) that are really annoying, and not only decrease there own chances of surviving and/or escaping the match, but decreases the chances for their teammates as well. Its sad to see people in red ranks making these easy to avoid mistakes.

So I decided to make this short and helpful guide to things you are doing that are getting you and your team killed when playing as survivor.

Quick and Easy Tips to Survive

  1. Unecessary Running

This is the biggest pet-peeve of mine in this game. A behavior I see almost EVERY survivor do. Running when its not necessary. To the players that do this : Have you forgotten that their is a such thing as scratch marks? They are bright red. And the killer can see them from VERY far away (possibly even all the way from the other side of the map). Yet what do most survivors do as soon as the match starts. They start running. Sometimes to find gens. Other times for no reason at all… Running in little circles, leaving their scratch marks on the wall as if trying to yell out “Hey, killer! Just wanted to do a kind gesture and let you know where I am at in-case your wondering! My teammates are around here too by the way!”. This is one of the dumbest things you can do.

DO NOT RUN UNLESS THERE IS SOMETHING THAT IS URGENT. Examples of urgent situations are things like: The killers spotted you (no point in hiding if he knows where you are already ), A fellow survivor is close to dying on hook, NOED needs to be destroyed, the hatch is open and you are the last player left, etc.

  1. Prioritizing gens at the wrong time

When you have two survivors downed or, hooked. Now is not the time to finish a generator. Even granted you manage to get one done, if either of those survivors die on hook due to you neglecting to save them, the probability of surviving and escaping decreases greatly for you.

  1. Not Healing

There is very few exceptions to this, but for the most part. You should heal your teammates, and they should heal you. I personally, believe self-care is a good perk for when you got dimwits on your team that don’t ever heal you. Being an Oni player main as killer, I have tons of fun absorbing the abundance of blood orbs on the map by survivors who think they are doing what is in there best interest by not healing. Going up against oni is a situation where not healing is even worse.

  1. Not Committing

Whether it be to rescuing a survivor off hook, or healing one on the ground. If you don’t try, there is no chance of succeeding. I can’t tell you how many times I see survivors just stop and stand in place for a whole minute, contemplating what there next move should be. Being indecisive, going back and forth between deciding to go in for the rescue, and then second guessing themselves. I cannot stress this enough. COMMIT! This tip applies even more so if you are at full hp? Whats the risk? You are gonna take a hit? It doesn’t matter. That hit will give you a speed boost and a chance to get away. The game isn’t over because you lose a health state.

  1. Leading The Killer To Your Friends

This one is pretty self-explanatory. But if you know where a fellow survivor is… Healing up, or doing a gen. And you know that the killer is chasing you. DO NOT go in the direction of a survivor. This is selfish, and you really end up screwing over your teammates (as well as yourself) by doing this.

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