Dead by Daylight – Taking One For The Team Achievement Guide

This guide explains step by step how to unlock the Taking One For the Team achievement.

How to Get Taking One For The Team Achievement

Disclaimer: This is neither quick nor easy to complete.

  1. Pick a survivor
  2. Equip Borrowed Time and We’re Gonna Live Forever for extra Blood Points
  3. Find a match
  4. Wait for the killer to chase someone
    1. If you get chased point the killer to the nearest hook and die immediately so you don’t waste time. Then restart at step 1
    2. if a teammate gets chased proceed to step 5
  5. Find some nearby cover to observe the chase without being seen by the killer
  6. Wait for the killer to down your teammate
  7. Wait for the killer to pick up your downed teammate
  8. Immediately run behind the killer’s back as they are taking your teammate to the nearest hook
  9. Stand to either side of the killer as they are hooking your teammate
  10. Immediately unhook your teammate and Borrowed Time will activate. This prevents you from being a toxic teammate farmer.
    1. If you are seen by the killer allow yourself to take a hit before unhooking the survivor so the killer doesn’t grab you
    2. If you are not seen by the killer unhooking the survivor will cause a notification which should get their attention
  11. Immediately gesture at the killer so they will be tempted to hit you with M1
  12. Successfully receive +1 to your achievement counter
  13. Allow the killer to down you and put you on the hook you just rescued your teammate from.
  14. Die immediately on the hook
  15. Repeat steps 1-14 250 times
  16. Receive achievement.
  17. Reflect on your significant accomplishment and wonder why the achievement is not just: take 250 protection hits.

Note: You can feel free to continue playing the match but will quickly realize that getting additional protection hit rescues will be quite difficult. Even if you don’t get tunneled off the hook and have a chance to heal the killer will get wise to you. These factors make it much more efficient to just move on to the next game.

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