Dead by Daylight – Totems: How to Find Them Fast without Perks

Just a Simple Guide…

This is just a simple guide to aid those still struggling to track down totems!

With this I will be showing you how to easily track them down without wasting vast amounts of time and without perks you could be using for something else

So lets get started.

Note: Unless completely new to this game you should be somewhat aware of hiding places for totems and how to track them down

With this guide after you find your first totem i am going to show you the easy way to track down all the remaining ones with ease, with the exception of split maps but we will still get to that!

But if you are going to use a perk to help you with finding totems until you have no issues in finding them anymore without aid, then i would suggest counterforce to crush those totems faster, small game is nice and all but in my opinion a waste of a slot BUT if you are new to the totem searching or want to get good at it also take along small game.


With the exception of split maps, the totems will always be found in the shape of a Pentagram and that was hinted at with the killer emblem which has rarely or ever been discussed at any length

With the exception of a very few totems all totems will be random each match but still in the shape of a Pentagram

Let me show you:

Larger Maps

Now that you know what i just showed you, totems will be much easier to find since you can turn roughly 72 degrees (360 Degrees / 5 totems = 72 Degrees per totem)

Larger Maps you will have to travel a bit further but it is the same concept, find your first totem and turn roughly 72 degrees(doesn’t have to be exact as long as you have an idea where to go next) and find the next one which will be roughly 150-200 feet in the direction you looked, depending on which of the large maps you get.

As long as the map isn’t split in the middle finding the totems will always be in the shape of the pentagram

Like with all maps LOCATE your first totem, if you are unfamiliar with how to find them i mentioned above perks you can use to get used to spotting totem location, it is also easier to ask a friend and go into a custom match(any map will do since every map has different hide and see spots) and hunt the totems until you are comfortable with the non-perk method.

From the first totem turn roughly 72 Degrees in either direction, and then since this is a larger map travel roughly 150-200 feet towards the next totem location

Now rinse and repeat, turn another 72 Degrees in the direction you chose and move towards the third totem, roughly travelling the same distance of 150-200 feet since its a larger map.

Once the next totem is found same process, turn another 72 Degrees in the direction you chose and move towards the fourth totem, roughly travelling the same distance of 150-200 feet since its a larger map.

Now for the home stretch and final totem, same process yet again another 72 Degrees and travel the mentioned distance of 150-200 feet.

Now you have reached the final totem, and just to show you if you go another 72 degrees and travel the same distance you will be right back at totem #1.

Smaller Maps and Maps with Multiple Floors

Smaller Maps and Maps with Multiple Floors

Now this section is for find totems on smaller maps and maps that have multiple floors like the jigsaw map and the silent hill maps or any map with a basement or second floor building and all those lovely farm maps with the corn.

You will be still doing the same thing to track down your totems you saw in the larger map section — find the first totem and go in the direction of the next one, if it is not on the same floor take note of this and go to the other floor.

I am going to use the game map for this example, since it has a set location for one totem at all times regardless of how many times you join this map.

Also NOTE that unless you are on a larger map the 72 Degrees direction and traveling roughly 100 feet will not change and even then the only thing that changes is the distance.

Note: Only a few maps have set totem locations.

Second Totem location, we were fortunate here because the totem was on the same floor and less travelling to find it.

From the second totem location using the same strategy for all other totems use the 72 Degrees strategy and travel roughly 100 feet, since in this instance upstairs you can not travel for that distance in that direction the totem will end up downstairs, other wise it would be found outside the map and unreachable.

Again same Strategy 72 Degrees and travel 100 feet roughly, this is where we run into the same problem as going from totem 2 to 3, going from 3 to 4 would also end you outside the map so you have to switch floors

Applying the same method as every other totem, traveling the 100 feet also lands you outside the map so you will have to switch floor one last time to get the last totem.

Split Maps

Split Maps

This one is a little trickier since it can have any number of totems on one side, you will have atleast one totem on the side you start on, even if that side sadly happens to be the middle.

There have been at times when i have been looking and found 3 on one side followed by one in the middle and one on the far side. With the maps never being the same this also goes for totems on these split maps. On other occasions i have found 3 in the middle and one on each side. every spawn on the split maps will be different and a pain BUT the angle at which you search is still the same! Always 72 Degrees

Distances play another part in this since alot of times(usually you travel no more than 100 feet and you find the next one, unless on larger maps which i will cover in another section) where a totem should be it would land outside the map, i find with split maps you will always end up performing 3 separate searches for first totems, one in each section.

From my personal experience with searching totems i started in the middle of one of the sides of the map since its split and usually the killer is on the other side of the map at this time doing whatever they need to in order to set up for their murder spree.

In this image looking towards the left was a wall, meaning that there will be no totem in this direction, and by going with the formula of 72 Degrees it would end up outside the wall so with that you go the other direction shown below

This one is well hidden in the bush

I went back to the starting position to give a little perspective at the direction you should be checking next

In this image i went back to the first totem and from the first totem is shows if you are following the same pattern and looking roughly 72 degrees(opposite side from where you searched for the second totem)that you will end up outside the wall so here is where we start to travel towards the middle of the map and start our second search

After a brief search I found the middle location here

Now depending on the size of the split you can end up with a few totems in this section but with this map you will never find more than 1

Now for the Final side, after a brief search i found the 4th totem near the middle of this side on the pagoda

Using the same 72 degrees search pattern going to the left would land you outside the wall yet again so we are forced to go to the right

And that landed me at the last location in the killer shack with the last totem.

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