Dead Cells – A Way to Simplify The Killing of The Queen / Collector without Damage

If you see this, then in theory bug still exists and you can use it.

Bug: Ability to get rid of need to constantly re-run map for battle with Queen/Collector.

Note: Bug will not help to get all boss blueprints at once.


Greetings, as you may have already seen, below is a bug that allows you to “endlessly” fight with Queen or Collector, without having to go through the rest of the map every time… so, to the point.

Cycle within a Cycle

You may remember that Queen and Collector, unlike other bosses, do not die immediately after your victory over them, instead the game gives you the opportunity to finish them off by pressing one button:

Here is possible to apply a bug, instead of finishing off the boss, just close the game (for example via Steam) then open it again, after loading save file, you will find yourself at the beginning of the location, that means – before the start of the battle.

Bug is not perfect, because it requires you to completely pass boss every time, but if you decide to close game before cut scene, game may load you not at the beginning of location, but in the middle of the battle, and even worse: it may be moment when you have already received damage.


It is unknown how long this bug will live in the game until got fixed, but if I find out that it has been fixed, this guide will be removed to avoid disappointment.

Thank you for reading!

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