Dead Cells – Amulets, Legendaries and Colourless

Amulets, Legendaries and Colourless

An amulet is a necklace with some affixes and one or multiple scroll-stats. Amulets are mostly found after defeating an elite, a chest at the beginning of a challenge rift and sometimes behind timed/perfect doors after a biome/boss. Just as normal gear amulets scale and get higher levels (and scaling so have affixes, #stats, dmg-reduction).

(There is a possible bug in 1.5 if an elite drops an amulet. You can’t see the stats/affixes etc. Returning later might help. Also in my case pressing the interacting button brings you to the menu where you switch gear (so you can see everything. Recycling does not seem to be a problem.) (Most likely because of 1.5 level-drop adjustments if it is a bug).

Legendaries are gear (no amulets) with a golden border. Mostly found upon a legendary altar with enemies around who have a defence bonus (66% dmg-reduction!). Defeating these enemies is required to unlock the altar. Legendary items grant +1 to one stat. On 3 BC and higher difficulties they give +1 to all stats making it the only equipment to be able to have more than two scrolls apart from amulets.

Legendaries can be randomly dropped from regular enemies. Behind a perfect door after a boss there is always a legendary. Legendaries are cheaper to reroll, have specific affixes and are always colourless. Legendary items can be items the player has yet to unlock. (Can be seen in custom mode too when legendaries are available and the player has a specific set of items in the itempool yet the legendary isn’t one of those set items).

Since 1.5 two of the same gear cannot be equipped (R.i.p. double owl/boomerang). However this is still possible if one of the two is a legendary. (Need confirm on the double owls, I believe you can only have one owl out at the same time regardless of legendary combos).

Colourless items are found in cursed chests and instead of having normal stats they scale with the stats who has the highest number of scrolls put into it. For example an ice grenade with would normally have 2 survival scrolls, 2 tactic rolls or 1 of both will have 2 brutality scrolls if brutality is the highest stat. Colourless items can be recognised by their silver border. (A colourless item does not necessarily have 2 scrolls, I used an example with a fully maxed forge).

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