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I know the ordering might be wrong throughout this guide but finally here are the difficulties and their differences. 4 and 5 BC have the same settings except from a few “little” things.

Boss cells claimed in custom mode are unlocked just like anything permanent in custom mode (blueprints, runes,…). The amount of BC can be changed in the beginning at the tube under all the collectibles. You need to beat the highest difficulty to unlock the next.

Under “signature enemy” are not all the new enemies/replacing enemies for each biome. These changes can be found under the biome-section under each respective biome. Flasks can always be bought in food shops.

I know you waited long for it, after the 4 BC difficulty has been taken care of the entire 5 BC content. (Whole different section just so all the spoilers stay locked up nicely).

New blueprints can be a bit outdated if there were new patches.

Difficulty Modifiers/changes? Signature enemy? New blueprints?
0 BC (normal) Default Full health fountains after every biome and boss   No doors with blue shining Only default enemies in biomes     Only default ones which don’t require any difficulty to unlock
1 BC (hard)

Some full health fountains are broken and only give one flask (Full and 1 flask alternate each other)

Legendary forge can be maxed to ++ 100%   Bosses in 1BC or higher skip their 1st phase (so can do some more attacks from the beginning) (only 1.5)   Opens door in prison depths leads to ancient sewer and other 1BC doors
Knife throwers Throw three knives and btw they are invisible One from the knife thrower (great owl of war)   10 extra outfits
2 BC (very hard)

No health fountains (only 1 flask after boss fight)   Legendary forge can be maxed to S-tier 25%   Cells of any source *2   Opens door in the slumbering sanctuary that leads to the cavern (also Forgotten sepulchre now leads to the guardians haven) and other 2 BC doors Bombers
Throw bombs have a dive attack have a stab attack can fly
One from the bomber (seismic strike)   10 extra outfits
3 BC (expert)
No health fountains/flasks   Legendary forge can be maxed to S-tier 50%   Cells of any source *2   Legendary items give +1 to all stats (also cursed chest itemlevel +1 in 1.5)   Opens a door in the ramparts that leads to the insufferable crypt (and other 3BC doors) Rampagers Charging run
fast claw attacks
Can unlock acceptance   Adrenalin as drop from the rampager   10 extra outfits
4 BC (nightmare)

No health fountains/flasks   Legendary forge can be maxed to S-tier 100%   Cells of any source *3   Legendary items give +1 to all stats   Enemies have greater detection range and can teleport to your location
(You can run but you can’t hide)   Hits cause malaise   Some food is infected with malaise   Opens 4BC doors
Failed experiments Stab combo with slam Charging jump Reposition behind you Berserker as drop from the Failed experiment

11 extra outfits
(one being festive outfit)

Boss Cell Differences

Big Walls

Personally I believe that 2 and 4 BC are the biggest walls. 4 BC obviously since players need to adjust a bit to the malaise. 2 BC however has this “wall-status” because of some other causes. (Honestly 2 BC is the hardest in my opinion) You miss out on some great advantages or extra thing 3 BC provides but you have a lot of the disadvantages a new BC brings.

2 BC gives a lot of new paths and allow you to varitate your runs more. However players for the first time have no flasks/fountains left. Also the big differences between 2 and 3 BC (enemy-wise) are just more dmg/health and density. However in 3 BC you get access to of course a better upgraded forge, provided you did put cells in it. Beginning from 3 BC legendaries give +1 to all stats (which in 2 BC is only one stat). In 3 BC you also begin to get scroll fragments in biomes and after boss-fights (1.5). Before 1.5 you could get extra cursed chest because of BC doors (like in stilt village).

2 BC can definitely be a challenge since it has the harshest disadvantages for the amount of things it does provide to the player. After that you should have experience with most game mechanics like curses/no (free) health flasks etc. Only the malaise should be tricky (that’s why 4 BC is the other big wall). If you are stuck on other BC except these don’t be afraid. The more you play the more experience you get. This carries over in other BC and can help you estimate,… more which is great.

What to do when stuck?

Here are some tips for each difficulty if you are having trouble. 5 BC isn’t mentioned. Not because of spoilers but because everything up until (and including) the hand of the king is the same as 4 BC (enemies do not do more dmg/have more health or density). Thanks u/Zallirog852 for pointing out my fault here and clearing this up.

I recommend always maxing the legendary forge first on a new difficulty. Overall better gear will get you overall better runs.

These tips are for normal mode and not custom mode were you can give yourself advantages like filtered itempools. (I do recommend playing on normal and engaging in new builds,… since this is part of the fun and experience. However my tips still apply in both scenarios)

My personal tips for if you are…

Stuck on 0 BC?

Try unlocking more general upgrades (2 flask to start and get some reserve bags for a smoother start). Learn which enemies are on which biome and kill them one by one.

Unlock all the runes too, more routes and maybe a biome that makes it easier for you.

Try to get all gear the same colour (dual can be used for both stats). Focus on maxing one stat (the stat your gear has). You have less health but more damage. More damage = faster kills. Faster kills = less likely to get hit.

Stuck on 1 BC?

Begin to consider parrying. Not necessary for 1 BC but recommended (It is necessary for higher difficulties). Learn enemy patterns (to parry or dodge). Consider taking cursed chest if you can kill 10 enemies in a row without taking damage.

Stuck on 2 BC?

Personally the hardest wall in my opinion (especially if you don’t upgrade the forge or you got 1 BC down quickly so you are behind on some upgrades).

Learn to parry. You’ll need it. Best way to practise is a shield only run on custom with 0 BC (and 2 skills to do damage for bosses/elites/to save you,…).

Alternative routes are advised to practise too.

Learn to take cursed chests and also go for the 30/60 doors. (Boss-door is always nice too but not needed just like the 30/60 doors aren’t needed but any door you can take is a nice bonus)

Learn to use other gear and stats than your favourites. You can’t always use the same build and expect the same outcome. Also you are not playing the game, you are playing yourself. (I think veteran players can see what I mean and honestly make a decent point here)

You need to know how the game works overall and how to adapt. This is the point it matters the most.

Try other healing-sources like tonic (recycle afterwards).

Stuck on 3 BC?

At this moment you should know how to parry. If you are stuck focus on taking other mutations than you are used to. They have more influence than you think. (Mutations are from now on most commonly used as a “safety-net” whilst focussing everything in one stat for damage.)

Try different affixes on your gear or get them all to sync. (Not needed on all but this is nicer)

Stuck on 4 BC?

Learn how malaise works. If you followed my advice on 3 BC regarding the mutations you should practice mutations that have an influence on malaise here.

Food shop = worth every penny. (they also have an item now which cures 3 bars of malaise)

Congrats getting here but the best advice I can give you here is learning to get hit less (does not equal playing less risky in some scenarios but maybe overall less risky). Sound like dumb advise but it most likely isn’t.

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