Dead Cells – Enemies Guide (How to Kill)


A list of enemies, all their attacks and how to deal with them in the best way. Amount of cells that drop etc. are left out. (Blueprints too since every piece of gear has mentioned how to get it) 5 BC enemies are found in the section for 5 BC content.

I do not say where the enemies come forth. (See biomes, the information of enemies on each BC per biome is there) (some of the info on enemies in certain biomes and with certain BC’s is outdated or wrong on the wiki. Experience came some of my runs I lost but I might be wrong).

For all flying enemies grenades like the oil- and fire-grenade (and others) can cause damage whilst they are flying. If this doesn’t kill them they will drop down and take damage. (most likely kills). Flying enemies that can be baited and other enemies that can be lured into attacking beyond a wall have a “RD” for “range detection” by their name.

If an enemy say “a (slightly) harder enemy” this is meant for new players (and only applies to enemies that can be found on 0 BC (and not in the cavern)). Enemies that spawn only from a certain level of BC will have this mentioned. Enemies who appear in the cavern on 0 BC (need to have beaten the game before) will have a “cavern” flair added.

If you find an enemy with a star above its head it will drop an item or scroll. (This item can also be the fragment of the philosophers stone (75.000 gold)).

NameAbilitiesHow to Deal With
Grab attack Jump/leap attack Small jump backwards Easy to dodge or parry. Jump attack deals the most damage.
Undead archer Shoots arrow Backwards dashYou can duck under the arrow, easy to dodge or parry
Grenadier (RD) Throws grenade Can move backwards by jumps Grenade parry-able Try to corner them. On small platforms just go for the kill.   Possible bug where it throws bomb through doors. Maybe possible on other enemies with bombs/projectiles
Shield charge Immune for front attacks (unless stunned) Whips can do damage regardless of position Attack from behind after dodge or just parry
Bat Charge attack If you have melee weapons an arrow affix can help Parrying kills it
Runner Fast slash attack Teleports after you   A slightly harder enemy   Has a possible bug (don’t know what it is) where he teleports back and forth (his own teleport not the 4 BC kind) if you run away fast enough and he is out of “the screen”(fixes itself after a few teleports, very rare too) Hard for new players. Killing with skills is the easiest way. You can bait him into teleporting towards you and parry his almost immediate attack then just finish him
Shields other enemies Take out if you can do it with ease. If it is far away try killing the shielded enemies by luring them away.
(also called flying biters)
Slash attack If you have melee weapons an arrow affix can help but it does come close to attack you anyway
Inquisitor (RD)
Shoots projectiles (goes through walls etc.) Little jumps backward Try to bait him through walls and parry. If close dodge and kill
Purulent zombie (sewers) (RD) and corpse worm

Claw attack Throws eggs which spawn a corpse worm   Bite attack, teleports to you Get it’s position and kill it not the most threatening enemy when close but beware the claw attack.   You can parry the eggs and the worms die easily
Purulent zombie (graveyard) and corpse fly (brown variant only)
Claw attack Rush towards player Spawns 5 corpse flies around them which are connected by electricity Try killing it without coming in its view. Grenades/turret/… are easy but if you are melee get a couple flies down before going for the mother. Corpse fly: same as buzzcutter
Hook-shot that stuns and pulls followed by a seriously damaged kick   A harder enemy You can duck under the hook (no joke) You can dodge the kick but it is very hard. Try to dodge the hook and then deal damage
Throws a spinning axe (that does return) A slightly harder enemy Axe can be parried If killed the axe still returns. Not as hard as the catcher
Self-explanatory You can parry the explosion (hard) but just bait it wait for it to go into detonation mode and roll away) if you can’t reach it. Has 1 hp so dies from any hit arrow affix helps if melee
Pirate captain
Slam attack (repeats the slam a few times and can change direction (last part confirm?) Shoots a rolling cannonball which explodes on contact or after a while.   A slightly harder enemy   Parry-able cannonball but recommend not to. Range is great just as parry.   Easy to skill with skills.   Beware of the repeating slams.
Comes from underneath (buried in ground). Tail attack (+poison) Shoots poisonous projectile (+poison) Easy to dodge or parry unless in crowded places. You can duck under the projectile
Disgusting worm Bite attack Jump to close surfaces on same height Drops 5 bombs upon death Don’t fight in closed space or a death end so bombs don’t damage you Can be lured to jump if a close platform is there on the same height
Spiker (RD)

Creates an area of spikes underneath you. A slightly harder enemy Search it’s position and kill. You can bait it so spikes spawn on a platform and just before it happens get to another platform.

Slash combo (3 large swings) When the 3rd swing goes a shockwave travels over the floor (can go through wall)   Dashes really fast towards you if you are on the same platform   A harder enemy Range or parry are the best options. Skills are really helpful here   (You can parry the shockwave but it is not easy)

AoE damage (red aura) (it interrupts you too) (Charge a bit longer since 1.6) Resist poison and bleed. 1.6.2 can’t be shielded anymore Take out from a distance or bait the attack wait at the max range and go in. (literally use your head) Be careful it is in enclosed spaces, you can lose a 60 door in the ossuary because of this
Winds up and rolls towards you. Jump over you (forwards) Backwards little jumps   Damages you if hit from behind by a melee weapon Melee don’t attack from behind (parry helps)   Easily dodge- and killable
Spawner and corpse juice
If less than 3 corpse juices nearby spawns one (drains itself, can’t die from this but stays empty)   Stab attack Easily killable just don’t jump between 3 corpse juices. Corpse juice does not give malaise. (Pretty sure of it)
Hammer and corpse fly (blue variant)

A harder enemy (comes forth in the early game and has some serious AoE combos). Drops 4 bombs on the ground
spawns a flock of corpse flies Bite attack
Good platforming helps a lot. You can parry the grenades Don’t get cornered and overrun by the flies. Corpse flies same as buzzcutter but some AoE or skills might make it easier since they are a flock (burning and poison helps too)

Covers area in fog Easy killable the problem at hand are the numerous invisible enemies. Try to see slight movement in the mist   Skills might help killing him
Weaver worm

Same as corpse worm but faster, pops from eggs   Can do a teleport followed IMMEDIATELY by a bite attack   Can jump behind you Skills help a lot   Also don’t run around too much our you might get a horde behind you   Burning and poison helps too   Try to platform and kill one by one
Dark tracker
Slash attack (crits if it hits you back)   Teleports behind you Don’t dodge or move too early.   Should be easy parry but don’t parry too soon   Fairly ok unless you rush and get a horde behind you
Spins towards you (can change directions)

A slightly harder enemy   (be grateful I didn’t use a Beyblade-reference)
Remember that he can drop down platforms in some cases   Don’t roll to soon or he’ll change directions
Can jump forwards and backwards   Does triple slash combo (If he misses his first attack he can stop)   A slightly harder enemy Hard to bait since he can cancel his combo is needed   Try to parry or kill him from another platform  
Bombadier (RD)
Shoots a grenade which divides in three smaller grenades   little jump backwards Any grenade is parry-able   Try to corner him
Caster Teleport away is you come to close   Shoots a fast orb Easiest way to kill him is by parrying the orb.   Melee can damage him if you are fast enough and know when to dodge

Some kind of charging punch   Teleports you next to him if you are too far away (no escape)   Shockwave (ground comes up like spikes) that stuns you   A harder enemy Once he is triggered you have to defeat him   Try to parry or dodge his punches   Shockwave can be dodged by double jump
Lancer (RD)
Can vertically stab Combo of stab attacks if horizontally   Can attack through walls and platforms   A slightly harder enemy Watch your placement and don’t dodge to soon
Guardian knight
Swings that do a lot of damage   Charge up that ends in tornado that sucks you and other enemies in   Whirlwind deflects arrows Be careful of the charge attack. Even after it’s over a horde of enemies can come after you  
Bomber (RD)  
Spawns in 2 BC and higher   Can fly and has an unparry-able attack when diving   Throws a grenade   Can stab you when close Dodge at the last second when he dives or he will hit you or fly further.   On the ground not a threat   Phaser can be used when they are flying or dropping. They fall and are stunned.
“cavern”   Unparry-able slam attack (AoE, ice-shards out of the ground)   Jumps between platforms to follow you

is immune to stun
Dodge to get behind him and kill   Good platforming and positioning helps too
Demon (RD)

“cavern”   Claw attack when close, two firebolts when at range   Resist burn   Can’t be shielded by protectors anymore in 1.6 Can be parried or shot from the sky.

Arrows or poison,… as affix can help
Knife thrower
1 BC and higher   Throws three dagger is succession that also inflict poison (can slightly aim to higher platforms)   Can dash backwards   Is invisible when not attacking If timed correctly the 3 daggers can be parried in succession (most likely kills or does major damage)   Good timed dodge
Arbiter (RD)   “cavern”   Fires 5 projectiles in a pattern   Upon death drops a bomb which fires 6 projectiles Can be baited into firing, take a step forward and parry. Go a step back. Rinse and repeat   Don’t forget about the bomb
Failed experiment    
4 BC and higher   Combo of three stabs and a slam (once going can’t be stopped)   Leap attack towards the player   Can dash (invincible) behind you (it is not like the teleport from 4 BC) Leap can be easily parried   Bait the combo if he is close and dodge though. After the combo he doesn’t move for a moment   Beware of the dash (uses it when you use a main weapon). He can’t take dmg whilst doing this.   Skills are helpful
Ground shaker

“cavern”   Rocks come falling from ceiling   Combo of three attacks and Windup AoE slam

Immune to stuns   Back can only be damaged by whips
Good timing is key   Skill are helpful   Try to burn/bleed/poison it if possible
Sweeper (a.k.a. the pinky of the king/the janitor)
Charges and releases shockwaves   Backwards roll You can parry shockwaves but it is easier to dodge or double jump.   You should be ok. Just don’t get hit multiple times in a row.
Rampager     3 BC and higher   Rushes instantly (screams before doing it) towards you and does a claw/slash combo   Jumps between platforms to get to the same as you Parrying it takes care of it, it stuns him for a bit too.   Pretty easy if you have seen it once.

There is this possible bug.
(No scream after jump and instant attack)
(There is a version of this where he screams briefly again and the yellow “!” pops up. I think this is how it is supposed to be.)
Sewer’s tentacle   Stays below ground when not attacking   Comes from underneath   Sweeps from the left or right You can parry when he comes from underneath (not recommended though)   Once you dodge you have a moment to do dmg.
Dashes up to two times across the platform (like the time keeper)   Is normally invisible   Disappears after attacking Hard to see but if you parry/dodge you should be fine.   If you can’t kill it no problem it disappears


jumps after charging, every jump releases shockwaves   Jumps away when the player is close
Cornering is good but can also work against you if you can’t dodge shockwaves   Try to dodge and then use double jump (beware that he doesn’t jump on you)
Royal guard (a.k.a. the finger of the king) Charges like the hand of the king with a shield before him   Jumps near the player releasing a rupture like the hand. Jumping can dodge, parrying is better.   Try to keep your dodge to roll AWAY from him when he goes for the drop attack.


Some enemies have an elite variant. They do more damage and have more health. Enemies can be anywhere in a biome. A column always spawns an elite. Some elites have a rune and don’t respawn after the player has claimed them. (except the ones in the forgotten sepulchre) The key dropping elites in High Peak Castle are always the same.

Elites drop items 2 levels higher than normally found in the biome (most likely amulets).

Elites have one of the following abilities: (not all elites can have all abilities example: ever seen an invisible elite rampager? I guess not)

  • Invisibility (unless attacking)
  • Clone (both have 55% of the normal hp)
  • Rotating laser or periodic laser on the ground (both can be parried but not recommended)
  • Laser that slowly descends
  • Red aura
  • 2 crystals on left and right that give a force field (these elites can’t teleport)
  • -Crystal that shoots projectiles
  • Electric cage

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